[CLOSED ] Jeodanie's ATC Tracking Thread


How do I create a thread for my ATC practicing and announcing when I’m controlling…also how do you close a thread?


You create it just how you created this one.

You announce that you are open and that you are closed by editing the title (The Pencil next to the title, or at the bottom of your post)

See This: [CLOSED] Balloonchaser ATC Tracking | KSSC Tower & Ground | TS1 [IFATC Training]


Thank you so do I put the brackets or will the system do that


I just made this thread it.

When you open, you just use the pencil to edit the title to OPEN (replace CLOSED) and post where you’ll be in a reply if you want it to pop to the top.


Thank you sooo much…Now I can practice for my TSATC practical…I greatly appreciate it


I will be practicing for my TSATC practical @ KMIA

Arrivals: RWY’s 27/30
Departures: 26L/26R

No Pattern work…Please file a Flight Plan and have a destination airport. Thank you


I am practicing for my practical. I will be doing Ground and Tower at KCLE on the training server.
RWY 8L Arrivals
RWY 8R Departures
Pattern work and feedback greatly appreciated