[CLOSED] ignas04's ATC tracking thread


Come to - - - -! I am currently ATCing there. Please do pattern work!!


ATC is now open at KSAN. Pattern work please!


Hello @Ignas04. Are you practising you ATC skills to become an IFATC or just to sharpen them??


Just to sharpen them :) I already got a lot of work on me in IF with my VA, so unable to take more positions.


Nice. I ll be there in 2 min. Nasa 1


Do you want feedback here or PM @Ignas04??



First of all, sorry, didn’t calculate the distance and speed of the Heavy and made You go around. Haven’t been ATC in a long while.

And second, I was watching from Tower camera view You overshooting the runway :O Was that a mistake I’ve made with the speed request?


Feel free to post the feedback at Your discretion.


Ok. I ll post it here, so other pilots that want to sharpen their skills can leaen from your feedback


▪When I called inbound, you just cleared me. Remember: You should always give pattern entry to all inbound aircrafts.
▪When i announced go around, your reply was: Enter left base RNW 27. 1) When someone announces go around your responce should always be: Go around make left or right traffic.2) Even though your responce was wrong, the entry should have been DW not Base:

▪As you mentioned above, you missed the go around. Your responce was correct that time though.
▪Remember to give exit commands when an ac speed is below 100kts(Thats not for my case)
▪Last thing:I requested frequency change to contact ground to taxi to parking. You told me frequency change instead of contact ground.

As I saw, you are not keen on ATCing, so always remember the following
Pattern entry-> Sequence -> Clear


I don’t understand this part.

Thanks for the feedback though!! I’ll be sure to follow the correct procedures next time!


Yeah…Just fixed it!!


But you havent answer my question. Do you want to clarify to you what transition is or you didnt see my message when I requested it ?


Ah, okay. I understand now. I shall improve.

P.S. Whoever wants, can join. I am still ATC in KSAN.


I know what a transition is, however I didn’t know how to respond…

Like, I needed to know Your intentions. Were You going to land? Just flying over to some other airport?


ATC is closed for the day! I will not join tomorrow or Friday, since I am busy and from June 16th to 25th I will be away in Japan :)

See You in the skies soon!


ATCing at KSAN! Come by and do some pattern work!


I will be there in 2min
Callsign Lufthansa 873


Roger that! Feedback is appreciated!


Do you want the Feedback in this Post or as a PM?