[Closed] IFSFG at Chicago with Special Guest United Virtual @ KORD - 151430ZJUL17


If i change I won't have anyone for the crj-200 please stay at that aircraft thanks


I'll give you the gates right now

All others wanna join please chose one of the aircrafts and spawn near the gates given:)


hi my callsign is JJFLY568


We should be ready in 20-30 minutes yeah?


yes spawn in 30min please
you request pushback 39/40min :)


Please check your gates, if someone hasn't got a gate, please tell me:)


please stay with the CRJ200 otherwise I wouldn't have anyone for this aircraft, I hope you understand :)


Please spawn at your gate in 15min and request pushback 10min later
please follow all atc instructions and keep safe distance to other aircrafts :)


Ready to board at F01 United MWE2187


I saw you mate. Was beside the 747😊


as the pilot for the B737-900 won't be able to attend finally if you still want you can take it instead of the CRJ200;) it's up to you just tell me to write it down;)


Welcome to the community, be sure to check out the tutorials and enjoy. Fly High!


Everybody ready where is ground and tower??


I hasn’t got a gate! I am going to fly b787-10 KORD-KCMI and back. Call sign United 968


Ah ok. Yeah I'll jump on the 737-900


assignment of the gates has closed, please spawn near to one of the given gates:) thank you, of course you can fly the 787-10




request pushback in 3min please:)


If its available can I have a gate? My campaign will be uUnited 5 Heavy


I m at gate G21. please approve