[Closed] IFSFG at Chicago with Special Guest United Virtual @ KORD - 151430ZJUL17


make it to KOBQ ;-) sure ;-) thanks for joining


Ok, pleasure. Sorry if i disturbed you


Hello everybody,
The event starts in less than 4hours from now!
The A320 is still available then you can chose again one of the aircrafts.
Thanks everybody who has already confirmed to attend the event :)

I’ll give your final gates about 60-30min before start.



You haven’t disturbed me at all:)
No worries


Ok. Again pleasures.


Hi i will be there in the a320 flying to Kpia if I can thanks


I will be there. I’ll fly the Boeing 747-400 and my route will be KORD-KMLI


Hi. What time is this event in BST? I would like to be there in a Boeing 777-200ER


Hi guys and @RonnyMartin… am new and excuse me for my ignorance… how do i join in? Guide me step by step… Much appreciated to all…


3:30 if u are referring to the uk time


Of course here you go for the A320 to KPIA ;-)


15:30BST STARTING IN 1 hour
which route would you like to fly please?


I took the live+ plunge, so if we get a flight re-select once full, mind if I switch over to a different plane?


I would like to fly to KMIA


All aircrafts have been chosen at least once so just chose one of them, and the route and you can also tell me your callsign if you want:-)
We start spawning in 1hour from now on.


Nice. Can I get mine switched over to 737-900 please, and username now switched to same as callsign


You mean you would like to do a second flight with a different aircraft? You could but I don’t think you would have the time

Do you still want to fly the crs200? To KPIA?


United 75 Heavy to KPIA


787-10 🖒KORD-KPIA-KORD call sign N285PY… is this ok…


Na, just changing the original aircraft selected. Swill heading to Peoria