[Closed] IFSFG at Chicago with Special Guest United Virtual @ KORD - 151430ZJUL17


Sorry to see just now your message
It's tomorrow the event:-)
15th July 1430UTC/ZULU


I will fly the b737-800 and fli the route to KPIA my call sign will be United 45 67


What will be my gate?


I'll be the ERJ-170. Callsign United 0203, route KORD-KCMI-KORD


I'll take the 787-10 on the KORD-KCMI if that's available.


I'll take 757, route KORD-KPIA-KORD :)


I will take the dash8q400 KORD KMLI


I'll give all gates a bit later depending on how many pilots and what aircrafts will attend(current gates may change)


May i also join, I can be in the Bombardier Dash 8 Q400


Sorry for the late response.


Fine thanks ! Have fun:)


It's yours thanks for joining:)


Fine take the 757:) nice to see you again at our event:-)


I have every aircraft except for the 757


The dash is already taken
Whether you take the A320 or B767, or wait till both are chosen so we can start again from the beginning choosing a second time all aircrafts ;-), tell me what's your choice
Same answer to you @Livmap :-)
We need that all available aircrafts are first chosen to chose a second time an aircraft
Thanks for your comprehension :)


The 767 I have so i can do that


Would you like to take the a32 or b767?


Fine the 767 will be yours then
Which route pls?:)


KORD-KOBQ-KORD i will do


If available so i can take