[Closed] Hawaiian Virtual Airlines: Australian Sky Luau @ YSSY - 132300ZSEP17



Aloha and Thanks For Looking To Join Hawaiian Virtual on our 3rd event!

Server: Training Server 1 (TS1)

Date: September 13th (9/13)


EST - Eastern Standard Time: 7:00 PM
PST - Pacific Standard Time: 4:00 PM
HST - Hawaiian Standard Time: 1:00 PM
AEST - Australian Eastern Standard Time: 9:00 AM

Region: Sydney Region

Aircraft: Boeing 767-300

Livery: Hawaiian Airlines Livery

NOTAM: Hey Infinite Flight Pilots! It’s your Event Manager here from Hawaiian Virtual! On September 13th, we will host our “Australian Sky Luau Event”, where we will fly from Sydney (YSSY) to Canberra (YSCB) in our Boeing 767. Please be sure to maintain proper separation between pilots on takeoff and landing. (Formation Flights are Allowed during flight)

Copy My Flightplan.

YSSY Gates:
Parking Gate 1-24: Balloonchaser (Event Leader)
Parking Gate 1-25:
Parking Gate 1-30: @Isidro_Guadarrama_Re
Parking Gate 1-31: @Samu
Parking Gate 1-32: @Ryan_Suarez
Parking Gate 1-33: @Rolene_van_der_Westh
Parking Gate 1-34: @Flight4444
Parking Gate 1-35: @Spitfire-15
Parking Gate 1-36: @James_Parker_dyer
Parking Gate 1-37: @Stephen_Michael
(More Gates Will Be Added If Needed)

Air Traffic Control
Comment down below or PM if you want to be an ATC for the event!

YSSY GND: AllegiantAir
YSSY TWR: AllegiantAir

YSCB TWR: unltd93
YSCB GND: unltd93

YSCB Approach:

Please listen to all ATC Commands


Taxi like a “Normal Human Being” Please!!! :P


We hope that you consider joining us!

NOTE: HVA is not responsible for any user violations during this event

Pre Event Poll: How does this event look? 5 Being Amazing, 1 being horrible.

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Can I have a gate? 🙃


Roger! Parking Gate 1-30 is yours!


Great! See you at the event!


Hey sounds like a really cool event. If possible i would love to take part in it. If you could give me a gate that would be so cool! If not i can also be ATC😀


Parking gate 1-31 is yours!


Can i join please because i missed your other event!!!


Awesoms thanks so much


Can I have a gate for the event


Can i have a gate please😢😢


Parking Gate 1-32 is yours
@Rolene_van_der_Westh Parking Gate 1-33 is yours


Thank you😙😙😘😘💙💙thank you so much!!!also what time does the event start in south african time???


Hello there I am interested in this event and I was wondering if I could have a gate please it would be amazing


Hello. I am requesting ATC position @ YSCB TWR


Hey. I need to drop out of the event :( I have to go to a school event tonight and I won’t be able to make it.


Can i have a gate srry for the request of it is to late thats fine


Man I wish I could come 😭


Can I have a gate for this flight?


Please could I have a gate


Parking Gate 1-34 is yours