[Closed] British Airways Virtual Presents: "Fly To F1: Brake Zones of Silverstone" @ EGLL - 081530ZJLY18


I must say thats really convenient. I’m estimated to land in 9 minutes to Heathrow on the Expert server though


Haha, perfect timing!


I’ll take a gate please.


Fifteen Minutes Til Departure, Ten Til Push, Remember to Spawn!


Please Spawn Within The Next Five Minutes!


Will you make a group PM Kevin?


No. Just spawn here, Instructions are made pretty clear in the original post, PM shouldn’t be necessary.


Please Spawn Now at EGLL - Casual. Take a look at departure instructions and remember to fuel up.


Taking pictures of the flight :)


I’m pushing now. Remember 27L departure.


Roger that Kevin I’ll be pushing too soon


Pushback and taxi to 27r?


Winds Changed. USE 09R.


Sorry! I got distracted by the race 😂




Got it, thanks everyone


Indeed. Very interesting.
I want to see Hamilton take home the victory at home but that isn’t gonna happen unless he pulls off something insane.


Lets see him do something amazing


Last lap! Go Red Bull!


Yep we lost… Bumber