[CLOSED] A Realistic Christmas Airport Event @ EGLL - 232000ZDEC17


I’ll take a Terminal five gate


Call sign:speedbird 187
A/C: 777


Oops, sorry! I wont be able to attend! I’m really sorry!


Put me down on the list, I’ll be flying a British Airways 777-200ER to Owen Roberts International Airport (MWCR). For the gate can I get B38?


I’m sorry to here that! Hope you have a great Christmas!


What will your callsign be?


Can I have Gate 322

Will be {Air Canada 777-300ER to Toronto (CYYZ)}
Callsign: Air Canada 857


Callsign will be BA253


Aer Lingus A321 - EIN17R - EGLL-EIDW Gate 222


@Brent_Adams Do you mind changing my route to EGLL-KBOS?


i just realized my mistake, meant to say EGLL-KDTW, I also will be flying the a333 instead. Thank you so much!


No I don’t. I’ll put that down as soon as I can!


I’m packing at the moment and I will be traveling early tomorrow morning, but I wrote everything down. I will add everyone either tonight or tomorrow night! Thank you to everyone who’s joined my event! I hope you guys enjoy!


It would be great if you could reserve gate 522 for me.
I’ll fly to EDDT with a British Airways A319.
Call sign will be Speedbird 988.
Thank you :)


Please could you sign me up:

T3 Gate 320
Virgin Atlantic 787-9
Virgin 2689 heavy


Could I request Gate 517.

Will be flying EGLL-YSSY Via WMKK. Callsing Sperdbird 1 (VA Callsign) B77W


Can I have Terminal 3 Gate 331.
Delta MD-11 DAL2597 Flying Direct EGLL - KJFK


I would like a gate, UPS md-11 to KJFK


I will add you as soon as I add the cargo gates!


What will your callsign be?