[CLOSED] A Realistic Christmas Airport Event @ EGLL - 232000ZDEC17


What flight number will you have?


Can I use my IFC callsign? Springbok 579 Super.


I will add everyone else tomorrow! Goodnight!


Correction, I meant 787-9, sorry.


Gate 513




BA A380’S fly from Terminal 5, suggest you go for one on the ‘C’ Terminal, 530-540 tohelp keepthe edge of realism ;-)


Could I have gate 330 in terminal 3 please. I’ll be in an American 787-9 (EGLL-KORD- depending on time I may pick another destination)


Oh, sorry. Aer Lingus. (Obviously A321)


might come will be on vacation seeing family. If I do come it will be LHR-DXB


What aircraft are you flying? @Matthew_Rush


What will your callsign be?


AAVA001 (Mise well get some hours :)


Alright well please keep me updated


I know but you should read the further replies I made when someone else told me;)


Do you want a BA 388 and if so please choose a destination? I will need a callsign and destination airport in ICAO! @dylonez


I will need to know exactly what aircraft please


@ClarenceTheAvgeek there’s not a Gate 333 in Infinite Flight


BAW 77W to KORD then.
Speedbird 145 Heavy
Any 500 gate is fine but 535 looks good.


Whatever gate at T3 I’ll take then


I will join as Speedbird 197, Boeing 787-9, Gate 512, EGLL-KIAH.