[CLOSED] A Realistic Christmas Airport Event @ EGLL - 232000ZDEC17


We don’t have an ANA A380, nor does it exist (yet)


Well, just a heavy spot. I know there is no a388, i made a mistake 😊


I’ll do my best to be there.
Callsign: EIN167
Route: EGLL-EIDW (I know it’s not on there, but if you replace 221 for gates 221L and 221R, you have one more gate, and there is still wing clearance to include gate 223 - look for yourself in the game👍)
Gate: 221R
Display name: IFATC - personmajig


Please don’t don’t fly BA from T2; especially not in an A380. It just makes me want to kick a puppy.


Gate 219 KLM103 B737-900 dest EHAM


I’ll be there
Terminal 5 Gate 555
Hayos BAVA BA189


It’s an a380 gate though…


DLVA76, logging it for my VA


Ill be VS001 (virgin heavy1)
Virgin Atlantic-B787


You’ve missed my point. BA go from T5!
The only airlines that go from T2 in A380s are Singapore and Thai.


This sounds really fun hopefully a lot of people join might sign up just need to see my schedule:)


B777 BA15 to YSSY from terminal 5 if possible


British airways a319, speedbird 183 not sure on route. Gate 502 please?


Hey! Speedbird 160 will be there at Gate 566. I’ll be flying an BA A380 to WSSS.


I will take gate 248 T2. A346 SAA. I will be flying to FAOR.


Because of realism, may you switch me to gate 556?
Thanks @personmajig for keeping a good eye!


I was going to say the same thing! I was kicking myself for doing that and I saw I done it to someone else


I’m putting you in T5 due to reality


Ok and what airline are you flying? Sorry but I’m still learning my airlines


I need that Dest. in ICAO