[CLOSED] A Realistic Christmas Airport Event @ EGLL - 232000ZDEC17


Btw @xSev already requested that gate and may I ask what’s DXB?


That’s fine I reserved it!


DXB is Dubai International - OMDB


Really enjoyed the last one at LAX, I’ll take any Terminal 5 regional gate with an a319 in a British Airways Livery. Callsign will be Speedbird 10. Unsure on route yet but will let you know! Also Can I advertise this to British Airways VA as this is our main hub, and can get you some more pilots!



Thank you! Yes you can!


I’ll be flying British Airways 777-200 Terminal 2 G231

And what happened to the events tab in the app it disappeared and I can’t find it


I’m not exactly sure but what will your callsign be? What will your destination airport be in ICAO?


Sign me up, hopefully, I can make it!
I’ll be Speedbird 145 somewhere at a T5 gate going somewhere.
EGLL-OMDB (Probably)
747 or 777.


Speedbird 21 20 and it might be a scenic route from London to Moscow Domodedovo I forgot what the 4 letter code was for those


B77W and flight number EK404


T5 Gate 536, BA 744
Can’t wait @Brent_Adams!


Sign me up! Terminal 4 A388 gate.


What’s your callsign?


What airline and what’s your callsign?


I’ll take Gate 333, Delta 767-300, EGLL-KATL


What’s your callsign going to be?


Actually it’s 11:00 pm in AKST, not Hawaiian. Pacific is 1 hour ahead of Alaskan, which is 1 hour ahead of Hawaiian Standard Time. Also some of the dates are mixed up.



I would like to take T5 Gate 545, BAVA’s B777-300 from EGLL to KDFW.
Callsign: SpeedBird 193.


ANA, NH212. Thanks for telling me.


I’ll be there
Terminal 5 Gate 542
Brtish Airways B787-900 EGLL-WMKK for BAVA
Callsign Speedbird 33
Display name: IFAE Callum BAVA-239