[Closed] 9/11 Memorial Flight @ KTEB - 112300ZSEP17


Very skilled flying whats the next plan we can’t do none now its 01:37 lol


Yep ( @NetJets_Nick and (whats his name??)


No problem guys! I enjoyed it.


I have a event coming up with Hawaiian Airlines Virtual called the “Australian Sky Luau” at YSSY on Wednesday (YSSY-YSCB) and then im doing a “Fill Up The GA Airport Event” (Hasn’t been announced yet (but it will be at KOSH and then we will work from there.)


Interesting. I’ll try to attend!


That was me, sorry about the rules guys!(I just saw the thread) I was practicing intercept when saw the formations, and I just had to get in.



Its good! You did amazing! :)


Can you post this please (on IF Best Photos)



You didn’t get pictures of me. 😡 (jk) nice pics though as you followed the rules and stayed with the group, I sped at 200 kts the whole way XD


Oh I Am Not Joining because i been absent for day’s sorry i am not joining


The event is all ready over


Did i missed the event?


Yes. It’s okay! Maybe I will see you at other events soon! :)


I will join the event


I’ll come to the Hawaiian one but the time needs to be different


Ok but are you going to make a another event?


I’m going to be on the Hawaiian event


He does events for Hawaiian Virtual, try to catch one of those! They’re amazing!