[Closed] 9/11 Memorial Flight @ KTEB - 112300ZSEP17


195 then???(10)


PS what is your callsign?


Yep! That works!!!


Spawn at N82 right now to fly with a big group


So we started with 21 planes and now we are down to 10

We had no bad callsigns and nobody who didnt follow the aircraft rule (except for the fighter jets that followed us for a while) and everyone has pretty much been doing good (control wise)


Almost done, and a little something 😃


I’m having a great one - forget the quitters!


I’m going to finish the heart I started ;)


I was kicked off guys. Sorry. Finish the heart for me tho. Good luck and thanks for the wonderful flight!;)


Sign me up I’m coming


To everyone! I highly suggest that you fly back to UNVIL to complete the heart and then coming in for approach (Runway 01)


Might be too late, but go into 4N1 to fly with us!


The event is pretty much over… But if you want to spawn in at 4N1 then you can fly for like 15 minutes as we finish and take pictures


I’m flying into KDXR when I’m done 😁


Once again! Dont forget to take pictures (try to get onto Infinite Flights Instagram :)


Sorry I had to leave a about 3/4 after of flight. But it’s cool. I got nice photos that I will share after the event!

(Excuse the ad)



After a long day of flying, it feels good to be on the ground

thats my best photo IF Instagram entry 🤷‍♂️




Can someone take a screenshot of my heart on liveflight?


ill do it now one sec