[Closed] 9/11 Memorial Flight @ KTEB - 112300ZSEP17


I might go up with you guys when you hit the next airport 👍 Callsign will be Nvr4Get


If you jump on now it would be KHPN but in like 5 minutes; I would say KDXR


Everyone should have had that in their callsigns to consider it a flight of ten.


Thanks for the service! (Are you sticking around for the landings in about a hour)


Im in front of everyone. Should i take my speed down?


I’ll be here. Working on getting into IFATC.


Goodluck on the IFATC:)


Yes please! 100 knts right now untill everyone catches up! Then we can get moving :)


I’ll be there for the last airport, my connection cut and I have to go reset the system so it doesn’t happen mid-flight again 🙄


Remember to take photos :)


Ill be at 90knots K?


please let me know when to speed up please


Once we catch up to you then we can go 120 knts :)


Actually change of plans, I am unable to stick around. Sorry.


tbh… This event is about the Heart over NY.

You can go ahead and do this heart… But its better to do a flight in a group! (Their loss)


Your Right, Sorry just got carried away:)


this formation is pretty tight


Can the people in the back speed it up to 120ish??


I am currently at 80knots.


We will get to you eventually xD