Circular runways: Engineer defends his proposal - BBC News


This seems a little bit unrealistic. What if there are strong winds going up to 20kts? How do you take off into the wind when you're going in circles and changing your heading every second?


I'm dubious of anyone positing a scientific idea who misuses the word 'Centrifugal'.

Toward the center is "centripetal'.


How unsafe would this be? And I would get dizzy.


This video really shows everything you need to know:


I cant imagine if an A380-800 with full load takes off at that circular runway....


I just realised it could be a good idea if some aircraft need more runway. They could keep going around to build up speed, but then they may run off the runway and cause an accident. But when landing, aircraft manufacturers would need to update their software to provide better commands particularly for these runways.


This would scare me as a passenger. It's a recipe for wingstrikes, too.


I want someone to just make a circular runway uncontrolled airport in IF in the middle of Africa or Australia just for the Lol's to see how bad of an idea this really is.

Lost all faith in BBC, this sounds like a buzzfeed inspired article or the guy was payed by a paving company.


this idea is a good idea and could work possibly but the issue is all planes are designed for straight runways


Imagine if an A380-800 with full load lands on this circular runway during heavy gusts and bad visibility. It would endanger the passengers on the plane imho


How on earth did the plane not spin out? How hard is that bump when entering and exiting the runway? How did the plane manage to fit on a banked angle with out literally turning? Yes, I watched the full video.


Probably not too fierce of a curve as you think.


How's it gonna be greener or less noisy? 😂 Also if you overun the touchdown you'll be in a crosswind, and go around would be confuesinf as


The Engineer has defended his proposal :)


What runway # would it be if it goes to all 36@ degrees?


I think we can all agree his idea is not realistic.


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