Circular runways: Engineer defends his proposal - BBC News


As you say, I have no dog either as I doubt anything like this would see the light of day in the remainder of my career!

An interesting idea, poorly thought out in my opinion, that will, again, in my opinion, remain an idea.


Well, I don’t agree with this project, because there are many points to keep an eye on:
• Comfort for passengers during that endless tacking, 250 km/h are too much
• Pilots, but humans in general, weren’t born to do a downhill approach with an oblique landing…
• Wings and Engines are in dangerous
• Different ILS, systems, exc. …
And the most important:
• My bad English is dangerous for your eyes!

Remember, this is only my idea :)


Besides, we already have circular runways. They’re for helicopters and they’re called helipads.


Not a good idea at all, even the normal landing will be more dangerous than crosswind landing there and also for the take off. I think the news channel is gaining their reputation by silly news (soon-to-be popular memes) now after the crashed Robert Kelly’s interview right before this…


Circular runways can help the world, but I’m only worried about crashes and incidents on the runway even though there is a system on the aircraft that helps it land on circular runways.


The person who published this must have been really really drunk


RIP Antonov An-225!!!


I can see it now…

Breaking news: A380 lands on NASCAR race track in Daytona, FL!!


180 knots on a tilted curved runway!? I don’t think so!


I saw this today and my first impression is that I do not like it. There are several positives to take from it, but at least aesthetically it pass the eye test.


I guess it would have to turn out as a (very) large Scalextric track.


This topic has started a big argument that I’m too lazy to read to contribute to.


Tried seeing if I could land while going in a circle. I crashed. This idea is idiotic. I understand that Amtrak is creating a system of trains that tilt, click this to watch about that so I don’t get off topic. Unless you can create a system like the proposed future of Amtrak trains then this idea is for the birds.


oh no…
bbc is turning into the onion


If it was a good idea, then someone would have done it already.


What was the guy’s background? Is he an ATC? pilot? What knowledge does he bring aside from just watching some video and flying in a simulator? Has he done this in real life? These are all questions I need answers to before I can speak to the validity of his idea. It sounds innovative, but I have seen some convincing argument to the contrary. I just need solid, real life proof.


Good luck exiting and entering


What the ! Hands down , this absolutely retarded and dumb!


To those interested, MoMedia are currently experimenting with circular runways on X-Plane 11 right now on YouTube to have an idea on the topic:


This video show this idea is not as crazy as it seems