Circular runways: Engineer defends his proposal - BBC News


Alright. I couldn’t keep watching past the part where he was inspired by “scary” crosswind landing a on YouTube. This whole thing was written like a BuzzFeed article


I like your point #3 - apparently we’ll have 3 simultaneous takeoffs and landings on this magic circle that also involves aircraft such as an A380 and a Dash 8 utilising different circumference lengths that you’ll have to contend with on your ‘circular go around’

Mark my words, I will eat every piece of furniture in my house with a knife and fork if this ‘idea’ (fantasy would be a better word) ever even makes it halfway to reality.


In case of emergency (like tire blown up, or belly landing) i see it look like a nascar track rather than a runway 😁


Actually, I just read through one of the reports… apparently they will have to utilise “tailored” aircraft to ensure wingspans aren’t too long… furthermore, the nature of the bank on the proposed runway will mean that approaching aircrafts will have to either bank before landing which sounds pretty dangerous or touch down on the higher set of main landing gears which increases chances of wings clipping the ground I would imagine…


I hope airlines will carry more than one sick bag per seat in that case.


Maybe 3, one for takeoff, landing abd thw usual one


This really won’t work. Have any of you been on a plane that lost and engine on takeoff and rejected the takeoff?

I have, on a 767. It was quite alot of fun. The swinging about as the pilots corrected for the lost thrust and resultant yaw with the rudder was quite abrupt. The braking that followed was crazy.

The reason I mention this is that is you are going to be correcting for a failed engine and kicking the rudder quite aggressively on a banked surface, you run the risk of drifting out towards the outer edge and skidding out and off when you slam on the brakes.

And then there is the little problem of damp and wet weather.
Aviation tires have very little grip compared to cars. But they get away with it because at high speeds, they are going in a straight line with little side loading.
Add a wet surface with banked, high speed curves and you run the risk of aquaplaning. Not good!


How do you land if the runway is circular .-.


It seems like a fantasy idea, I’m not sure why BBC thought this was a legitimate story. I have to agree with the gentleman who states this was more along the lines of a BuzzFeed article.


Oh! What an economical solution! Let’s design a completely new runway, but make sure all the existing planes can’t use it! So then we will design new planes, which will be cheap! Sarcasm


Feature request anyone? J/k.

Most likely this idea won’t catch on. This is something that would show up in a fast and furious movie, that’s for sure.


Recipe for TS1 trolls


Is this actually serious? How on earth would the plane not crash?


Imaginations bro. They call it ‘magic’ we call it physics


I think this is a really good idea, I guess it would feel " different " landing on a banked angle runway opposed to a flat runway, this means…I guess pilots would have to have different training, they would have to learn to land on a bank angled runway, but this would also mean pilots will literally have infinite runway! They would never run out of runway! Although, this could mean only 1 plane takes off at a time, depending on the size, and weight of the aircraft, also, the runway San become very inconvenient for emergency landings as for example if the plane lands with no gear down, there is nothing to steer the plane to the left or the right, which means if the plane is quite heavy it would need more speed therefore it needs more runway and obviously if you have no gear down you can steer, so you’d have to either land at a slower than usual speed or use the grass as extra runway, one last thing, I don’t get why the runway is on a banked angle, why not just flat but still circular? This is where physics comes in, how would the plane land? First you’d have to some how " line up " with one part of the runway, then at the last minute you’d have to sort of depending on what direction you come into you’d have to tilt the plane to the left/right then you’d have to pull the nose up but at the same time you’d have to avoid turning the plane to the left/right to much, overall I could see this happening but experts would have to figure out the physics on his to land and takeoff planes, I do like this idea and I think it has a lot of potential!


I think the idea isn’t bad


Ikr, for landing first you’d somehow have to line up with the runway which is confusing enough, then at the last minute you’d have to tilt the aircraft to the left/ right depending on which direction you’ve come from, them you’d have to pull the nose up, and then you’d have to somehow avoid literally turning the plane to the left/right to much, it would be quite difficult to land the plane, I suppose take off Is easy… You would feel a bump when taxiing on the runway then you takeoff while feeling as if your turning on a roller coaster, then you reach 150 miles an hour, and there’s the problem! If you’re turning at 150 miles an hour, isn’t it almost impossible to not spin out? I’ve no idea how takeoffs would work, not landing


What if you were making an emergency landing and there was gear failure? You’d crash trying to land the plane on an angle never mind on a flat runway, them if you somehow land the plane, obviously you can’t steer therefore unless you land at a very low speed, you’d crash into the grass…


For any object to turn in a circle requires acceleration toward the centre of the circle. The extra forces on an aircraft undercarriage alone would mean all aircraft would have to be retro fitted or engineer checked. Landing a heavy at 250 tonnes, 165 kts, with an acceleration toward the terminal on a banked track is going to hammer the gear!

Also what of wake turbulence from preceeding aircraft? It will be blowing across the circle at some point? Turbulence from a banked runway with a crosswind? Again, irrespective of how light the winds are there will always be a crosswind somewhere!

Rejected take-offs, what happens to the other 2 aircraft on the centrifuge? Critical engine failure thrusting toward the outside of the turn on the good engine??? :O No thanks!

How do you line up for a landing when you don’t know how long the aircraft behind or the aircraft in front need for a take off roll??? Approach paths? Stabilised approach criteria???

It’s once again something drempt up by someone who understands physics but hasn’t applied that understanding to the greater and wider aviation picture.


Not a new idea though, apparently first ‘mooted’ in 1919!!!

Was a rubbish idea then too!

When we all commute by air