Cessna 152


I think a great little plane to have would be the Cessna 152. It isn't much different to the 172 but it needs to be redone anyway so why not add a new plane as well. It also has a bit of sentiment to it for me.

I think the IF livery would look amazing on the plane too

My Picture
My First Flight Lesson! ^^


Nice photo, I would love another prop. Wish @Maxmustang was still here, he'd give you full support :-)


Thank my mum for the photo 😉


I would love for this plane to be in IF! It's a "Yes" from me.


wait what happened to max?


He 'retired' look at his profile @Maxmustang :-(


looks beatifull, more cessna liveries for trainees :-)


Yes please. Lovely little prop!


I love the Cessna 152 as well, the first aircraft I learned to fly and earn my ticket in.
However, the skyhawk on IF will do. I would like to see a high performance single added to IF.


It would be a great plane to practice for real recreational pilots too!


There wouldn't be many liveries but I still think that a all private prop would look neat flying around like you would see IRL.


I agree with you.


We need more props.


We need more private planes!


If this is added after global I'll be doing touch and goes at my local airport. This is one of the main aircraft there.


Currently the airplane I’m learning to fly in. Would love to have it.


It looks almost identical to the 172 though. I’d rather see some other GA plane.

 should be added !!!!! iT MUST even !