Caribbean Virtual Airlines | Check out our Destinations!



In just over 48 hours, we have received over 5 successful applications! For a relatively small VA, this means a lot to us and we are extremely proud. We already have pilots logging multiple flights throughout the beautiful Caribbean daily!

So, what are you waiting for? Join our fast growing team today and get in on the action! We have a spot waiting just for you :)


Just a suggestion to all Caribbean Staff: you might want to have a route map that goes along with your route list, just so people can visualize your flight domain.

Overall this looks like a great VA and best of luck to you all, it’ll be nice to finally have a VA focused in the Caribbean!


We value your feedback and that is definitely something we will consider. Thank you!


Check Out Our Destinations Map!

Based off of a suggestion from @CaptainDwyer, we have added a destinations map to help better visualize where we fly to. Our network might just be a little more than you think. Check it out here! Thanks again for the recommendation.