[Cancelled] Exploring Russia’s Far East with Aeroflot Virtual 🇷🇺 @ UUEE - 182045ZAPR18


I’ll join. But I’m taking the md-11f so I’ll leave from the cargo area.


Ok, I’ll put a cargo gate down for you


Gates are filling up- if you want to join us this Wednesday, please ask!


Can you explain Zulu for me?
As I’m interested in joining this flight


It would be 15:45 US central time, so I think it would be around 22:45 in Sweden


@Jordan_Rankin, @Deltabro, @Davidberman, and @Freddiefrogs, Sadly, we are going to have to move the flight to the Training Server, because I accidentally left my speed too high in a Dash 8, and received multiple violations, causing my grade to decrease to level 2. Sorry if this inconveniences anyone.


Exact same thing happened to me.

4 violations in a 78x


Did you guys already leave?


Can we have a talk in pm?


Sure that is fine with me


Did you already leave?


My connection kept dropping, so I don’t know if you guys were able to see me at all


Nope? I was looking on live flight.


That’s probably because of the connection- basically as soon as I came on my network crashed- trying to fix it


As soon as I can get my connection going, I’ll try to catch up if you left already


Umm I don’t think anyone did


Ok, then sorry everyone for the series of horrible events that unfolded around this event- ie. my grade drop, my connection fail…


Hmmm, so ok😔 I guess flight cancelled


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