Canada Jetlines plans to launch in summer 2018


That’s true. That is kind of a long route for a 737. I think the MAX have extended range capabilities, but the MAX 7 is kind of small. Southwest, Westjet, and Jetlines are the only customers for the MAX 7 and Southwest and Westjet, being the main customers are squeezing every bit they can into the aircraft.


I have flown Fort Lauderdale-Denver in a -800 and the -700 has even more range than that, not to mention those aren’t even MAX aircraft, just because a plane is small doesn’t mean it can’t fly far, the A318 fly’s KJFK-EGLC direct. Range isn’t a problem here.


True. My other point though I think was still valid. The MAX 7 has been delayed because Southwest and Westjet, being low cost carriers, want to squeeze as many things on board as they can. Makes sense though why Jetlines would want in on the aircraft though since they are trying to do the same thing.


Nice! I’d love to see them start service to Islip/Long Island. Our airport is expanding, new airlines are coming in, including the addition of a customs station, and we are somewhat close to NYC.


I have done some research, @Kevin_Potthast and @Will_Haxton
The cabin widths of the Boeing 737-700 and a320 are
A320: roughly 12 ft 1 in
B73J: roughly 9.9 ft wide
So obviously the Airbus a320 is wider so you think it would be better, no, for those who have flown spirit a320 you think it is cramped.
So this is another Ultra low cost Carrier that will make more cramped seats and on the 73J which is already 3 feet narrower than the a320 so we understand that just because it’s a small aircraft doesn’t mean it has a smaller range, it just means that being on it for a long time with uncomfortable seats will be ridiculously uncomfortable for passengers so that’s also why they should get bigger aircrafts like the 767 or 757 because they are longer and wider and have longer range so it would be better for passengers and the Airline.


Well… there livery looks nice!!!😃👌


I know. When they start doing services, I’m going to put out a feature request.


Living in Canada makes you realize that flying from east coast to west coast in Canada (and vice versa) is relatively the same coast as flying to the United States. Canada Jetlines, Newleaf, and WestJet’s own future low-cost subsidiary will be nice additions to help lower costs and increase competition in this country.


Jetlines has posted their proposed route plan through April 2019! Glad to see Tampa is on the list!


They aren’t flying to DFW or LAX or any New York airport?? Yet they are flying to Ontario, California?? Wow just wow. I definitely prefer Air Canada. Anyways, good luck to them


It is all about availability, DFW, JFK, LAX all have tons of flights leaving to Canada. Operating out of a smaller airport with fewer flights means more seats get filled.
More seats filled = More $$$
Simple as that.


Good point. Maybe someday when they are pretty good in the industry a merge with WestJet might benefit them. NOT saying it will happen, though


What a generic name! They could have been much more creative. At least the livery is pretty nice and the airline looks like it’ll prosper.


That was one thing that I read. They are going to fly into smaller airports opening to a new customer range and cheaper landing fees. I also originally read that they were going to fly into St. Pete here in Florida, but apparently it’s going to be Tampa. The plan also says temporary.

They plan to have 40 aircraft in a 8 year time period. I think that they will expand their routes


Cool! Sounds interesting


Reading this again, what Map were you looking at. The picture I posted a while ago was inaccurate. The website has the most updated map


From reading through, it seems quite similar to RyanAir… we all know their landings will never be as good though. ;)


Some healthy competition for Air Canada on they’re shorter haul routes ;)


I also really like the livery :)


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