Canada Jetlines plans to launch in summer 2018


Canada Jetlines is an Ultra Low Cost Carrier, or ULCC, and it plans to launch its service come summer 2018. Canada is the only G7 country that currently does not have an ULCC. Canada Jetlines plans to fill that gap. They are going to start off there services using 2 737-300 aircraft and have 5 orders for 5 737 MAX 7 aircraft, with 16 options. Jetlines is currently planning out there route map, but is following the strategy of other ULCC like Ryanair and easyJet. Canada Jetlines is currently taking suggestions for routes and destinations, as well as looking for investors in the company. I have included a link to a news article about the airline, as well as the companies website.


I like their livery, with 2 733s they won’t have many routes they could opperate and without investors it might be an uphill challenge especially because WestJet is already dominant, after doing a quick google search I found this too:

Is WestJet the one behind this?


I didn’t read anything about that, but I will look into it.


Good for them that they want to compete against other Canadian carriers, but Air Canada and their subsidiaries, Porter, and WestJet cover almost every destination in Canada. If they’re looking into getting a larger audience it may or may not work as lots of people already have status with Air Canada or WestJet (for example of a mileage plus card). I must say though, their livery looks pretty cool.


I read that Jetlines was going to fly to many routes they found that were uncovered on direct flights, as well as using smaller airports. For example, one of there planned destinations is to my home town, however they are flying into KPIE instead of KTPA.


I agree with that those three airlines basically have a triopoly over nonstop routes within Canada. So any airline looking to startup in Canada will probably just get stomped out.

On second thought, does Mexico have any low cost carriers? If not that is where Canada Jetlines should be looking.


I’m pretty sure Volaris is a ULCC


Oh, I thought they were further down in South America, must have been wrong.

Anyway this doesn’t look bright for Canada Jetlines. I think that instead of the 737s they should get some CRJs now and look into the CS100/CS300


Should I suggest KDSM? Because they can handle a 737-300, they are in int’l airport, and are getting a new terminal in the future.


The carriers out of Mexico are AeroMexico, Interjet, Volaris, and Viva aerobus, however low cost or not, a majority of Mexico’s population cannot afford air travel.

On a side note, it would be smart to look into the CS100/CS300 as Bombardier is a Canadian company with headquarters in Montreal.


The 737 has proven its success, especially if they are building there airline like Ryanair


when they are following ULCC carriers like RyanAir and EasyJet, I hope they don’t inherit hard landings from RyanAir. Canadians are way to nice to be bounced on the runway. Other than that, I really like this plan. I hope their routes will expand far into the USA like Atlanta.


I might just message them and give them reasons why they should fly to KDSM. But I do not think they will listen to a 13 year old lmao


You can if you want. I think they should fly to KDSM and the 737 MAX 7 already looks beautiful. I think they should order the 737 MAX 9


I mean KDSM is getting a new terminal and they can handle a 737-300. I think I will but if they question me, I scram


They should fly to KHOU, there is an international terminal, and it competes with Air Canada at IAH


In my opinion Canada Jetlines won’t be able to make an airline as big as RyanAir or EasyJet. The other Canadian Airlines like @Kevin_Potthast mentioned before totally dominate over the Canadian skies. With RyanAir and EasyJet, they are dealing with a much larger population flying between multiple European countries where in this case it’s only one country, with people who already trust Air Canada or WestJet.

@AllegiantAir correct me if I’m wrong, but I doubt there is a big enough demand from Des Moines to regional or relatively smaller airports in Canada. Maybe enough for a flight once or twice a week.


I don’t think they would fly there regularly, but i know that some like the snow and they always have to fly to like Chicago or even St Louis to like Chicago just to get to Canada because the flights to Chicago are booked. Maybe them operating to KDSM could help a lot of people save money.


I didn’t find this on the Jetlines website, so this isn’t going to be correct, but it gives the idea of what they are thinking.


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I hope they grow and get a bigger and better but mainly more diverse fleet but I Know they will need to afford it.
But with non-stop Service to Honolulu via Vancouver I don’t want to be on a 737 for that long.
Hopefully they buy some 767"'s or 757’s from Delta or American.
I hope they’re routes are similar to that though.