Can we have a new splash screen?


Well my idea of a splash screen is to have some news, events and stunning screenshots of different players and pictures to rotate around if you get what I mean. So a switching splash screen basically.


I had the same idea…but with the devs busy @DeltaCRJ-900 may be right about it changing during the MD11/DC10 release


Perhaps one could pass it on that the splash screen needs some attention ;) I’m sure some one can go take a global screen shot for us lol


They could use a community photo…


We need is a new Infinite Flight Trailer after global.


That could work, I still like the idea of having an email or something to submit our best screenshots. Even a category here might work if its limited to X uploads a day, Idk, might chew up a bit to much bandwidth perhaps.


They should just update it one random day and tease the MD-11. It’ll create utter chaos.


Or they could say that it was cancelled through the splash screen.


It would be nice if a staff member, (even non-developer staff member if the devs are too preoccupied) could takeover management of the splash screen, like perhaps David D1ZY. My guess would be it wouldn’t take a significant amount of effort. Emailing submissions sounds good but I guess they’d get bormbarded with a lot of rubbish as well.


I have always thought this (^) would be a cool idea. I don’t know how it is updated though so that may not be possible (or likely regardless).


I don’t think the 787 one came with an update, so I think it’s an easy bit of coding.


Easy, yes, they can change it whenever. My point is I don’t know what access you would have to have, but they wouldn’t just choose anyone even if it is easy.


Yes, maybe even a thread whenever they need a new splash…


I have a few pictures that may be worthy for a new splash screen.


It may be possible that they could take some good photos from the Best IF Photos topic and put them in the loading screen.


I do agree that something new for the splash screen would be good.

But Ive always hoped that the splash screen would be more of short pictorial tips on tutorials. Everyone will be forced to look at that and maybe there would be mch better pilots around.

Alittle like those loading screen on games providing rules or tips on how to play their game better.

If they do implement those picture cycle thing, sure mix tips up with nice in game photos.


They used to have a rotation I thought? Maybe they are too busy with global to worry about changing a splash screen?


They used to have a rotation…correct. I think they changed every week, or something like that


That’s a good idea. Show little helpful tips.


We could have a monthly competition and the best one is used?