Calling ALL Pilots - IFVARB Summit NOTAMS


Greetings, everyone! With the IFVARB Summit less than 24 hours away, I have attached a few PDFs below in hyperlinks with instructions that must be followed for the duration of the event.

This is a high-intensity operation, so we have a number of procedures in place for all pilots to follow. Ghosting will be strictly enforced for anyone who refuses to follow the plans in place, as we have to keep things running as smoothly as possible. All told, we estimate with ~70 aircraft slated for each arrival runway, we should have everyone on the ground within 2.5 - 3 hours or so.

Summit Instructions

  • Taxi routes for ground can be found here, as well as appropriate gate and slot assignments. Anything involving the tarmac has the primary information within.

Arrival Plans

  • If you’re flying into EDDF, please take a look at the STARs provided. Be aware you will be waiting your turn like everyone else, so load the appropriate STAR to the ending stage of your flight plan and wait for initial contact.

Departure Plans

  • If you plan to depart EDDF during the event, load the SIDs and follow the precleared instructions contained within upon departure. It is CRITICALLY important you fly the departure plan to the letter in order to avoid conflicts with aircraft in the arrival stage towards the airport.

And, yes, you may attend if you are a non-VA pilot, provided you are ready to follow the instructions that will be provided to VA participants. In addition, please anticipate delays and be accommodating to the slots/spaces that have already been allocated to the arriving VAs.

If anyone has any questions, feel free to ask in the thread below. A link to the VA hub is also provided.

Infinite Flight Community’s Events Wiki


I wish to be there but I would be at work that time.
Good luck to everyone joining this great event!
Safe landings everyone!


Remember to bring at least two hours of contingency fuel when planning your flight. There will be lengthy delays and a fuel emergency will not get you to the front of the line.


I am really excited for this event! Very well organized. Thank you


it has been 7 months since the last summit I can’t wait !!


Do the STARs and SIDs apply all day or just during the event?


I am afraid because seems like ATC will be more stricted than usual days in Expert


Well there is a STAR and SID they put out which is not what you see for Expert. But it is just like every other day. You follow ATC instructions you wont be ghosted. Simple as that.


Ok because I thought it would’ve been more strict than other days


You have the approach same strictness but really no excuses to fool around when the whole IFC has been given a NOTAM of what to expect when in the airspace. Essentially take this as no warnings given. Unlike other IFATC opening where they issue a warning before ghosting your NOTAM is the warning now.


Am I allowed to do EHAM-KJFK for my long haul


And KATL-KJFK tomorrow


People on here are busy. Demanding an instant reply is slightly rude regardless of your situation.


Do we know when landing runways will be decided or will it be a play it by ear sort of thing?


We’ll have an announcement when we have a good idea of what the winds look like. It will probably be announced when long haul flights are already en route, so please keep an eye out for an announcement and spread the word when we know for sure. Thanks!


Alright will do. Thank you


I’m super pumped for this event! I’ve always wanted to attend an IF event with some kind of enforced SID/STAR procedures! I’m excited to see how it turns out.


What time will it start accroding to South African time


The time should automatically convert to your time zone if you visit the event thread.