Butter With ease at Los Angeles, a Realistic Airport event @ KLAX - 281900ZJUL18


Hmm this event caught my eye for sure But again another event is very unfriedny for Japan time and other countries in that time zone area!

I’m dissappointed I can’t attned at cause 1900Z is super early in JST
Sigh…Have fun at the event


Hello @Pilot_urp,

That’s a shame that you can’t make it. What time would have suited you best so I and @Cjthew91 can see which times suit people like you the most?


There are enough places free so feel free to join this event! We much appreciated that!


You have put my callsign as FedEx 6536 and it should be FedEx 6534. Thanks heaps


Umm for me it can be 8-9 Am JST or 8-10Pm JST


Count me in!
Boeing 737-700
Southwest 1719


Make sure you signed up as you won’t regret a minute!

Also, I would highly recommend joining the competition side of things!


I don’t think it’s that hard to get to grade 3… I’m not sure though… I’ve been grade 3 forever now


Sign me up!
Boeing 757-200
Happy landings!



We will get you signed up! We hope you enjoy the experience.


Less than two weeks until the event, sign up while you can, you won’t regret it