British Airways DC10


Ey, I think I saw you on that 777-200er livery request!


I’m generally a fan of the Landor livery. I see a request with it - I revive it.


Glad to see I got one or two more votes 😉, thanks!


What a lovely livery!


We are currently #19 in livery requests! And #3 in MD11/DC10 livery requests!. Keep voting guys, we can’t make this livery go unnoticed.


Just voted really like this livery and I think it would be a great addition to IF for when the DC-10 comes out!


Glad to see all of my bumps are going somewhere. 18 votes guys, wow!
And I 110% agree with you, this is the perfect retro livery for the best retro plane.


#89(T) in all #features
#17(T) in livery request #features
#2 in MD11/DC10 update request #features

The devs can’t be overlooking this! Let’s try and get some more votes in guys, 18 is already amazing though.


Yeah, I agree. It’s a beautiful aircraft that should totally be in the sim. It’s got my vote for sure! :)


It has been confirmed!