Boeing's First 737 MAX Delivered


Congrats to Boeing in delivering their first 737 MAX! The first Boeing 737 MAX is delivered to Batik Air Malaysia. Boeing has a total of 3,714 net orders for the 737 MAX. These orders will be delivered overtime to many carriers all around the world. This new airplane will revolutionize travel and the aviation industry in many ways! Check out the YouTube video linked below which shows how the MAX will save the environment and many costs of flying :)

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MaxFacts: First Boeing 737MAX-8 Delivered.

Actually, It was delivered to Batik Air Malaysia (Previously known as Malindo). One of Lion Air’s subsidiary

I would be really excited if the first 737-8MAX for commercial purpose landed at CGK as Lion Air is based in here


Anyway, Some photos from Boeing's instagram


Hahaha il change that😂 Anyways I'm just as excited lol. Can't wait to fly on a 737 MAX sometime ;)


Wow, I simply love that specific tail design accompanied with the livery!


Yeah it looks amazing. Also the pattern on the split scimitar winglets stands out:)


Batik is always beautiful imho. No wonder I'm proud of this traditional culture owned by my country ❤

For those who wonders about the pattern's name, It's called Batik 😉

Batik Air is inspired by Batik. This is also a good way to promotes Indonesia's culture


Batik air's livery is better than that of its parent company 😁


The Batik Pattern at the winglets look nice.


lol so true. Its parent company is just the classic white fuselage (boring af) lol


Was going to post yesterday but thought somebody already had done so. Great to see it delivered, now bring it the the United States!


Yeah definitely lol! Can't wait to see the 737 MAX in the United and Alaska Livery ;)


I thought one was already delivered lol. That means Virgin Australia will be one of the first to recieve 737MAXs.
Probably getting confused with the 737NG with split scimitars.


Batik Air Malaysia's (**) livery is so beautiful ❤🇲🇾

(**) = Not to be confused with her sister airline, Batik Air Indonesia which based on Jakarta (CGK)


Maybe lol. Hopefully Boeing delivers their orders fast 😉


The best livery out there


I thought Southwest was going to get it first.


Correct me if im wrong.

Southwest I think was only partnering with Boeing to test the 737 MAX. They were doing flight simulations (basically flying it around with people on board) and stuff like that only :)


No southwest has many of these birds on order


Another terrific jet based in Malaysia.