Boeing C-17 Globemaster Rework


That is needed: animated parts


An amazing STOL freighter, desperately deserves a rework and I’m sure others will agree as everyone said reworks take priority over new planes 👍


I love this plane and it really needs a rework, also the F-14 needs its wings reworked so it’s separate than the flaps


I had one land at my airport a few years back, it’s currently the biggest plane that’s landed here


Don’t forget wing flex and truck tilt!


We need a cockpit to not just in air rev


C-17 doesn’t have truck tilt.


This 100% needs to be done - it looks shabby compared to 90% of the IF fleet!!


This should be reworked for sure! (Flying it now… And not loving it like I do IRL…)


And watch this get reworked and turn into a C130


In terms of what???


In terms that the C130 doesn’t get used as much because people don’t want aircraft like that. No one wants small slow aircraft or short range ones. The C130 gets used more than Embraer I give you that, but I legit never have seen a C-17 used so after a rework it will eventually fail


I completely agree that the C-17 needs a rework. It would be great to get the following features with a C-17 rework:

  1. Improved flight model / flight physics
  2. 3D virtual cockpit
  3. Cargo ramp and cargo doors that can be open and closed (like with the C-130).
  4. Animations like moving control surfaces, etc.
  5. Anything else FDS can think of to make the C-17 as awesome as possible.

I live near an air base that has C-17 and see them fly on the regular. I’ve also been lucky enough to checkout the flight deck and cargo bay. They really are awesome and talking to a couple of guys who fly them in real life, they all love flying em.


This aircraft landed at the Brasilia airport (SBBR) days ago. Really cool.


I’ve flown on them many times, even a few combat landings. The C-17 can even use it’s thrust reversers in the air. There would be a lot more interest in flying it if reworked and there’s a lot more of us than you think that would fly it along with regional Jets and Turboprop aircraft; preferring them over giant Bo’Buses (long or short hauls)

Oh and technically it was a McDonald Douglas aircraft before Boeing bought them out

C-17 First flight
15 September 1991
17 January 1995

Merger with Boeing 1997


What is the shortest rwy for takeoff and landing that can accomodate a C-17 !!!


Around 3500-3800 depending on weight, weather
especially temp and airfield altitude but needs a wider runway around 100-150 feet


How does that compared to C-130 !!!


3300x60 again depending on weather weight etc


That would be a great for military flights. Having the option to use the C-17 besides just using the C-130 would be amazing.