Boeing C-17 Globemaster Rework


I realize this is an old topic, but I figure better to comment here than make a new thread.

Has anyone else noticed that when you adjust the heading with AutoPilot on, the aircraft tends to turn too far then needs to correct itself back to the set heading? It’s probably the only real gripe I have with the C-17. Awesome plan t fly, but the autopilot needs some work


I have, in some cases the plane doesn’t respond to my input, have to engage then disengage autopilot in order for her to work, it gives me a warm time whenever I use it


yes you have to plan to over compensate when using the AP on that bird. However I have had some fun hand flying it, especially around the SoCal Mountains!


Great idea indeed. It will help make the airplane known again and put a better impression to new pilots. I remember when I had first started trying out IF, it seemed as if all of the free aircraft had horrible cockpit detail. This free airplane being reworked would be a great idea.


Laura confirmed a few months ago that it will be getting re-worked later this year :)


Thanks for letting us know!


I’d love for a CC-177 RCAF Globemaste reiteration but in with the re-work! She’s definately a workhorse for the Canadian Forces. I remember driving by CFB Trenton and I saw pilots practicing assault landings. Coolest thing I’ve seen from the highway!


What, when, where, who, how? Where’d you get this information from?

I’m surprised because that completely goes against the community poll idea where aircraft will be added/reworked according to polls. Unless I’m mistaken?


One of my favorite planes. Probably because it has autopilot. And because it looks insanely cool from all angles. And finally probably because I know four Mechanical Enginneers who worked on the project in Long Beach back in the day. Before Boeing bought McDonnell Douglas.


Let’s hope he’s speaking the truth, if not, I’m gonna cry


It was in reply to someone on twitter


Jarno has a sowftware programme on his computer probably

well obviously Jarno, he’s the aircaft designer

what do you mean where? obviously its at their building or hq or whatever

for all i know, later this year

c17 globemaster


Unless you’re implying that their Headquarters are their houses/apartments? FDS doesn’t have a HQ, they all work from home. :-)

So pleased that the disgusting C-17 will be updated. Hope RAAF comes with it! Looking forward to fly around my local International Airport slash RAAF base with it!


Lol “what, what, where, when, how?” is a saying… didn’t need for you to actually answer it lol


Oh right, I thought they had a building with offices to develop their app & community… how do they work together if they are in different places? I assume they use face time or Google hangouts or Skype?


Can you give us a screenshot?


sure, if i can find it


This would be great. Maybe after global, the Md 11, and CRJ are reworked/released.


Autopilot seldom dependable for trips over 30 min…loses both speed and and location coordinates particularly at higher altitudes…only fixed high wing jet in inventory capable of landing on less than average runways irl for a jet of that size and weight


I agree the C-17 really needs a re-work, it’s a wonderful aircraft. Here’s the order of items that I feel need focus:

  1. Cockpit: current C-17 in IF has no cockpit. A 3D cockpit would be awesome. Come on, how many large aircraft have a HUD and a fighter style flight stick?

  2. Ramp & door functionality: Add same abilities to open / close ramp & doors along with camera views that C-130 in IF currently has.

Wish the C-17 was added to the poll. IMHO, all the original IF aircraft that need a rework should be reworked before FDS adds new aircraft