Boeing C-17 Globemaster Rework


It would be lovely if the c17 would/will be reworked especially with the following features

Animated parts

Fully virtual cockpit/completed cockpit

The following liveries
Qatar emiri
Indian Air Force
United Arab Emirates
Kuwait Air Force

I am not saying this needs to be implemented right away but not sometime in the next 10 years

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C-17 Rework

Add to that the liveries of the Indian Air Force and the United Arab Emirates and Kuwait Air Force. New Zealand was considering to buy the C17 also.


This is not the place to ask for liveries, @Sturmovik @Qantas747400. being a regular you guys should have known…

I mean make separate topics for the liveries.


Ok it has been a while since mentioned , but would love to see the C-17 Globemaster reworked in the future. This would make an excellent stablemate with the C130.


In the future, this would be great, however right now I really want a push on the MD11/DC10/A350/Concorde and…GLOBAL!!! I mean, after that go wild ;)


I support this! This is a marvelous aircraft, needs a little bit of maintenance 😆


C-17 with working ramp AND amazing liveries? Sold.


Yes be great with a working ramp! However would be happy with a rework on the physics and a cockpit view!


Cool but this time the devs can’t miss the raaf




Only requirement for c17 rework is to allow reverser deployment in the air.


We need this rework within the next 2 years.


It’d be an awesome addition to global in terms of military cargo, especially for AeroSync Aerobatic Team.


It will also remove the no cockpit problem


Physics need an overhaul as well. Cockpit view would be great as well. Other features not a deal breaker IMO.


Just bumping this due to the new voting system


I see these every fortnight where I live, the plane is large and sexy, the engines are loud and the winglets are just tall and proud. Next rework has to be the C-17, as the C-130 needs a friend that isn’t completely messed up.

I saw a video of one of these land at SXM once, it’s on YouTube, looks magnificent.


A rework of the rest of the military aircraft would make me so happy. I’ve seen C-17s fly overhead en route to my local AFRB, they’re suprisingly quiet at 2000 feet


They come over my house at <1000ft some days, depending if they’re doing training. I’ve even had a C-5 come over, and it’s just so amazing. Kudos to the military for operating these beautiful grey birds.


Retired. USAF. I would definitely. Love to see a C-17 upgrade with in flight thrust reversers as with RL, animated and well same features as the C-130