Boeing 777X First Flight, Production, etc. Part 2


The 777x because it has almost 400 orders and in contrast the A35K has only 195 orders so yeah
Airlines seem to like the 777x more than the A35K


The A350-900 is about 3 metres smaller than the 777-8X, and the A350-1000 is about 3 metres smaller than the Boeing 777-9X. Now let’s combine the orders of both and compare them.
The A350-900/1000 has 794 orders from fifty-one customers
The 777-8/9X has 306 orders from seven customers.
I’m sure you can see a difference.


I don’t want to make this an argument and I respect your opinion but the 777x has only been launched for 3 years and the A350 family has been launched for 11 years surely you can see the difference


The sad truth, don’t even compare it with the 787 :(


Keep in mind that the extra range means more structural weight. Not all airlines will need that range and opt for burning less fuel on shorter segments.


It hasn’t even been built or tested yet lol If they were launched at the same time then your point would be valid.


Its never about size but passenger capactiy. In a two class configuration the A350-900 has 315 seats compared to the 777-8s 350 passengers in 2 class configuration. For the -1000 vs -9 its 387 vs 400 at minimum for the -9. More seats equal more profits. Size does not matter unless it means more seats. If the 777-10 is released thats going to be around 459-510 seats putting it in competition with the A380.


I’m not going in favour of Airbus, I’m just looking at this at both perspectives.


Why? The 787 is doing great!


But I can tell you that Boeing is taking more time than Airbus. Maybe that will infuence the quality of aircraft.


Surely it’s the 777X, I mean, seriously?


777x will do the best because it’s a reliable aircraft with many variants.


This is exciting!


Can’t wait for it to fly


I really love the big engines.


For all you wondering, the 777X is supposed to compete with the A350, NOT the A330neo.

And yes, this is a RWA tracking thread as said in main post.


what are the foldable wings?


Pretty much, due to the huge size (in length) of the B777X’s wings, some airports may be too small to accompany it however, to allow the plane to operate into these airports, the B777X’s wingtips fold to make room.


Less pilot training and maintenance training as it isn’t a new airframe, fuel efficient and long range , the 777X will dominate


Production moving up a notch!