Boeing 757 Rework


You should really compare the IF 75 to a real life 75. Hate to break it you, huge difference.


I just need to see the 757-300 in the game and my life will be complete!


I hate flying the 757 and 767 they cruise with a negative slope the physics are horrible and I agree on you with this it needs a major rework


That livery is already on the existing 757…


Really? I did not know that. Thank you for letting me know!


I don’t even have to use reverse thrust with this plane when landing, and I still have 25% of the runway left…that’s an issue. The 757 definitely needs a rework, I would love to fly it again.


I have highly disregarded the 757 ever since I used it for the first time, but it just so happens to be one of my favorite planes and I would love to see it reworked


I hope the 757 gets a rework after the CRJ update!


757 is such a work horse


Trans Atlantic is to Europe is often 757s.


If the 757 rework turns out as good as the crj rework is going, the 757 would be all over the skies!


It probably won’t be as good as the CRJ. In fact, I know that it will be better.


I agree! The crj is good, but the 757 is going to be the best!


I wish the devs would fastrack this, but before the 757 rework:

CRJ rework
Non-commercial update
A330/340 rework
Airbus A350
Boeing 737 rework
Boeing 757?

Considering how long the average update takes, we’re probably talking years here…



How do people find the smallest opportunities and use them to mention the a350? Knock it off, guys.

If you want the plane, stop talking about it.

This is about the 757. Nothing else. Leave it at that.


I’m mainly talking about the 757… all I did was put the A350 in a list. I’m saying that this is probably at the bottom of FDS’ list. Chill out!


I would love to see some wing details!!


Such as nav lights…


I could do with a nice FedEx Livery on the 757 when it gets reworked :)


The more details being added to 757 the merrier it will be in IF.