Boeing 757 Rework


Haha… I want Trump’s private jet’s livery


Looks weird, but it would be awesome to have it on the simulator!


Oh man, the 757-200 is such a sleek beauty. A revamp would be more than welcome.


Actually a rework needs to be done on the B757. Since upgrading to Global I have not been able to do the Pushback. I leave the plane with good weight, I touch the Pushback button, but it does not move even one millimeter behind. I’ve been waiting a few minutes to see if it starts Pushback, but nothing. That is, when I want to leave the gate to tax, I have to go ahead and take a walk with him like the beginners do in TS1. This is sad.


Is it just me but is the 757 hard to control like taking off and landing?


Am I the only one who thinks with this we should get the Trump 757?


I want that too that would be so cool to fly out of LaGuardia.


757 rework is badly needed. The model itself doesn’t even look like a 757, to chunky and fat like the 767. Phisyics need to be reworked as well.

Some liveries that should be added…
Aer Lingus, FedEx, Iceland Air Aurora and glacier livery. Really just improve all the the current 757 liveries.

Maybe add the 757-300 too? That would be sweet.


Very true, and if im not mistaken the cockpits of the 757 and 767 look identical in IF right?


I was under the impression the cockpits were very similar but I’m not really sure 😂


I hate that they keep adding new aircrafts before giving the old ones the upgrades they need. The 757 desperately needs a rework.

  1. Cannot properly set up fuel until after pushing back. Aircraft will not move.
  2. Could do with more liveries
  3. Body and cockpit rework


Because they’re nearly identical in real life.


One of the IF aircraft that really deserve a rework. Would be a great aircraft for short and medium haul flights with updated physics, cockpit, and wing flex.


The 757 deserves this, it’s going going anywhere for a long time.


The 757 is just a horrible aircraft in the game. The physics and graphics are bad. Such a shame it doesn’t get so many votes for a rework or seen by many community members. Let’s get this aircraft popular again and stop worrying about adding new aircraft when the ones we have now are not even that good.


I don’t know how such a beautiful plane could look so ugly in a sim! The in-game 757 is an aircraft that needs to be reworked. It is such an amazing plane in real life! Currently, most of the plane is decent except for the cockpit, and the nose WHICH IS HORRIBLE! Se pictures below.



Honestly everyone is talking about the A350 but this flying pencil needs a rework.

The flaps have 0 textures/details, same with the gear and engine. Would like to see the -300 added too


It’s disgusting. All they did was use the 767 fuselage for the 757…not good.


The 757 is noticeably thinner than the 767 in game so I don’t think that is very likely :)


The 757 is so graceful, so beautiful, in real life. However, in IF, it is a terrible weird skinny whale of some sort. It does not look anything like a 757. It looks almost similar to the 767 model. Jeeze.