Boeing 757 Rework


Over time probably, or for sure actually. Also the reflection if the terrain and this kind of thingy was worked on, however no rework as we have seen on the 787 or the future CRJ.


Bumping this, would love to see this rework done soon, as others have mentioned; would totally fly this plane more, and would be great for global, especially flying trans-con and TATL. Would like to see more 757’s with the third door behind the wing (picky ik), ala Delta, Aer Lingus, Thomson, Azerbaijan, etc.


The Boeing 757 is such an amazing aircraft… it would be nice to see it reworked! :)


Yeah, might as well add some new liveries too. Fedex, Delta Skyteam, Cargojet, China Southern, maybe even Donald Trump’s 757. (nothing political please, only Trump’s plane, although I must say he has great taste in aircraft).


This is such an awesome airplane thats still flying transatlantic route and I really hope that it gets reworked: the 757 deserves some TLC.

I’d love to see the EuroAtlantic Airways livery in IF.


The 757 takes like 30% of power to taxi it need to get reworked. FDS need to stop adding Planes and start reworking aircrafts like the 737 767 and more


I agree. I’d rather have fewer aircraft in IF but those fewer aircraft all be high quality vs having a ton of aircraft in IF that aren’t all built to the same standard. Many people would likely be willing to pay for higher quality aircraft.


That’s just like this poll I made.


I would really love to see the 757 reworked! It is one of my all time favorite commercial jets!


Imagine being able to fly this! :)


Eh, I would just love to be able to fly the 757, without is pointing down lol


Honestly, how would a reworked 757 look?

  • Cockpit lights
  • 4K textures
  • Cargo doors
  • Few additional liveries
  • Cabin lights
  • Wing Flex
  • Reworked wing views
  • Reworked physics

Honestly, this was one of my favorite aircraft in IF for a while. I’d love for it to be reworked, as it’s perfect for “Crossing the pond” and medium haul flights in Global.


Just to give you a little heads up : The American 757 new livery has updated fan blades already, while no other 757 livery has that yet. You can check for yourself :)


That’s actually pretty cool. Nice catch!


Aircraft that is the correct shape! XD


Yeah this one needs reworked! Same with the 767! This cockpit looks like a slapped on texture! With how amazing IF is today the 757 and 767 don’t live up to the standards


I do totally agree! Same as the a330/340

But as long as there will be the condor livery of the late 90s-early 2000s i would be so happy!

You can see this livery a couple posts above.


This along with the 767,A330 and A340 are all fine for now but are becoming miles behind the new planes. They need updating to fit in with modern IF demands. With Global around the corner as well its even more reason to update these planes. who would really fly the A340 on a long haul flight when you can fly the new amazing planes!


It would be nice to see the FedEx livery on the 757-200F!


A great “rocket” Airliner that deserves a rework. Let’s keep this going!