Boeing 757 Rework


Um I don’t see anything wrong with that. It’s needed for taking off from London City Airport. 😉


I do think we need to rework the 757. First of all it has terrible flight physics and a flight model. The cockpit is outdated and also needs to be reworked. The nose shape isn’t correct

*also you might not be loosing any speed cause your weight and balance is at like 20%?


I really think we need tat livery for a 757-200/300 rework.
I do have so many good memories with this airplane.
Also Condor is a very old Airline. They do exist about as long as commercial aviation.
Its sad that the brand did disappear for a couple of years because of thomas cook but now they did realise how much the brand Condor is woth and bring them back to live slowley. Although the new livery can keep up with the older ones.

And maybe even that special livery of the 757. its called the Rizzi Bird because it was designed by Mr. Rizzi. I was luckey enogh to fly wit hit from EDDV to GCFV.


Just to bump on what you have shown, we also need the 757-200 model as it is shorter and nicer (third photo)


Srry what do you mean? Its a normal 757


We have the 757-200 already


I know and if u read my pist u will see that i am talking about a rework


I wasn’t sending that to you.


Ohhh yeah niw i noticed srry 😅


I want to see the wingflex of this please rework and give me my baby my 757-300


Actually, that may be realistic. I know the 757 has an incredible amount of power, which is why it has found a niche in the Transatlantic market and in airports with short runways like St. Maartin, Tegucigalpa, Santa Ana etc.

Search for videos of a full power takeoff in a 757, it’s truly astounding


It does have an incredible amount of power, but not as much as one can play with in IF. Looking purely at thrust-to-weight ratios, you’ll find that the 757 has a ratio of .341, whereas your typical A320 or 737 had a ratio of about .335. Not all too discernible of a difference, if you ask me.


We need this rework, the Boeing 757 is iconic.


Would be definable enjoyable to cross the atlantic from europe to america in a 757 and not only in 747,777,…


I think a -300 would be my workhorse for global. Just awesome, I love them sticks


I think all aircrafts will be reworked with global because all aircrafts are getting engine start and that requires new aircraft graphics


I don’t know about that…


No. Not exactly a rework, more of additional options like fuel consumption and engine start stop.


I would wish for the time after the development of global that they gonna start the work on bringing every aircraft tothe same level of detail.


But What if the do rework all aircrafts 🤔🤔