Boeing 757 Rework


This plane is a beauty. The only thing missing is decent physics


I watched a 757-200 Delta pushback at my local airport & it seemed to power up with quite a bit of thrust to begin taxing, therefore I’m completely editing this post of mine & withdrawal my request for a 757-200 rework. Please accept my sincere apologies.


If they made a rework I’d definitely buy the B757-200 and the B757-300 when it comes.


Bumping this topic, because everyone knows why.



the ability to take off with 13,000 f/minute without losing speed is a bit unrealistic… :) if you want to improve it on your own, just set the throttle to 85% of max and increase the weight to something in the red.


Why you didn’t hide it with a spoiler like I did above^


Yes please, it’s still such an amazing aircraft. I’d like to use the DHL 757 for Auckland to Sydney.


Tbh most aspects of the Boeing 757 are fine. But the biggest thing that needs to be reworked is the cockpit. It looks terrible.


What’s really the biggest problem on the 757 is that its nose points downward during cruise. It’s so annoying and it prevented me from flying it. Also, I don’t know if this happens in real life but you need to have about 25%-30% thrust in order to get the aircraft moving.



I honestly believe this is an aircraft that would be utilized a lot more if reworked. Having to heavy foot the throttle just to taxi is just wild. I dont have a lot of votes but I think this is a very important feature to put mine towards.


Id love to see the 757 reworked.


What really grinds my gears is that you can like rotate with 70kts AS and wheelie down the runway for 4000 ft :D


Yeah, that’s my biggest gripe about the 757 right now. It feels like the tires are flat when you’re taxiing.


I honestly feel this aircraft deserves a rework more than any other aircraft in IF. Lets be real, the thrust needed for taxiing, flying with the nose pitched down, interior graphics…list goes on. I think this deserves to get reworked before the A330.


I would definitely like to see this!


I would like to have a flyable Pencil in Infinite Flight. I have voted for this.


I agree 100 % Those throttles really need to move!

The 757 is also my favorite plane :)


I’d love a rework of these old models, particularly since I paid for this one. Beautiful aircraft, I’d love more liveries ;)


You know something is wrong when you can ascend at a 45 degree angle without losing any speed: