Boeing 737 Rework


I would like them to be reflected on the floor again as before the global update. It was very realistic!


Personally, I’d rather have this updated straight after the CRJ work. I want to use it but it’s just not up to scratch with the airbus cockpits especially with no cockpit lighting.
I’d rather have this than a new aircraft 100%


I do agree. The 737 is super old and is therefore hard to add liveries too. The engines also look horrific.


yeah defintely, would be great to have the rework with the qantas 737 and virgin 737


100th voter. Let’s keep this up top. Let’s get attention. Hopefully the bosses will update this aircraft within the next few years. 🙌🏾🙏🏾


I am out of votes rn, but I will vote ASAP!!!


I missing the lights by insight cockpit…

Boeing 737 Cockpit Credit to Michael


The newer 737 MAXs and A320 NEOs should be added


I wish that all cockpits can light up at night and also have logo light.


Yes, you right, im with you🤙🏽. I think also how you @Nashes.


I fly on the 737 more than any other aircraft and I am constantly in awe every time I take a look inside the cockpit. Definitely in need of a rework. Earned my vote.


It just deters you from flying the 737 at night. Out of an Airbus or Boeing you’d choose airbus at night literally based on the cockpit alone


Yeah it’s true, I really have a hard time flying aircrafts that are not the 787, Airbus family, DC-10 or the MD-11. I


737 is my best favorite airplane, a 4K cockpit and night light and wing flex are always my expectations. If 737 has more Chinese livery will be perfect, such as Chinese Eatern Airliners.


especially the avionics panel


Yeah, it could also use some new liveries, such as Virgin Australia, Aerolíneas Argentinas, and Air Europa


Air Dynamic of 737 also need to improve! I hardly feel ground effect after 50ft when landing.


If we have a rework we need to have this…


Yeah, we need a reworked 737


the 737 is one of the more popular aircraft in IF, and that’s before a rework. Imagine after a rework. No doubt a rework will come as will every aircraft in the game. It’s just a matter of patience as the devs work through the aircrafts.