Boeing 737 Rework


Agree with you, wingflex would be awesome on it! It’s one of the most used aircrafts in the world though


working doors cuz it seems that fds is now capable of implementing it


According to my quick maths, everytime an aircraft is reworked, it increases the need for another to get reworked.

Basically, every time a shiny new aircraft with new features is released, it makes another model seem more outdated. Eventually we will consider the 787 to be outdated. It’s already missing the cargo doors and liveries that will in time, be turned into a feature request.


does that count for global flight? if that’s true then we will have feature requests about different types of areas of the world that should have 15mpp (meters per pixel) satellite imagery
and @AustralianFlyer cough Virgin Australia cough


Add the Boeing 737-800 with GOL livery


Tried flying a SWA 733 the other day to DEN at night, and I could barely see anything in the cockpit. Interior lighting at least would be very much appreciated.


SWA Flight 733? Or a 737-700?


The latter, I accidently typed it as a 737-300, it was actually a -700.


Oh ok lol just making sure 😂


Considering that the b787 with wingflex and 4k textures costs 5’49 … paying the same for the old-fashioned 737-800 seems a bit of a scam. I leave it there …


Cockpit rework or what are meaning when the 737 needs a change?


I was thinking the exact same thing the other day. And we need qantas (new livery) and virgin Australia because there is only a few australian liverys. Australia is missing out !


It needs wingflex and updated graphics, basically the same features of the 787 but it’s the 737. They also need split scimitars and on the 739 they need to put that extra door.


It’s my favourite plane to fly and my favourite airline Norwegian needs an rework it have wrong registration on and missing some letters on the engine and we need SAS livery too and lighted cabin


Think we need new liveries for this aircraft and some small changes to the interior. But we do not need this soon but it still gets my vote


The cockpit could be improved with 4K textures and high quality lighting for night time.


Id on that note I think adding in an interior passager view over the wing would be cool.


And I hope this gets worked on even though it’s honestly not a bid deal


Well beside all the needed livery’s lighted cokpit/cabin wing flies it also need an landing light fix

emphasized text

Not my picture and the strobes also need a little tweak


I’d like to see the steady strobes as seen on the 787, that would be the dream!