Boeing 737 Rework


What I want with the 737 rework
•Wing Flex
•4K Liveries and models
•Updated Cockpit
•Ground effect
•Split Scimitars for Airlines that have them
•Southwest 737-800 Heart Livery
•United 737-700

If you have anything else to add, just leave a response

Note: I won’t create a feature request for any of these, I just simply stated what I want with the rework if we get it 👍🏻


The Q400 is actually one of the hardest planes to land in real life - just ask any pilot. The landing physics are pretty spot on. Also, once the CRJ is reworked I bet it will be a much more popular plane to fly as physics, graphics, liveries, and obviously variants will all be updated.


Voted for this one. It needs to be redone as so many more people would fly it.


We should get a rework after the a330/40 is reworked


True, imagine the wingflex on this 😋


I think the A330 and the A340 needs more a rework than 737


I Am sure all these popular aircrafts will get their proper rework with time…


agreed, this would be great to see with new liveries: maybe Alaska? ;)


A lot of planes need updates. Most don’t have lights in the cockpit so it does make things a bit more difficult. BUT, the app is 98% perfect, I love every bit of it and feel that any improvements are icing on the cake :p


I really hope it gets a re-work. I would definitely like to see the new strobe lights on the 737-800NG series and split scimitars


Name one professional pilot on this simulator that actually enjoys flying the A340.



Im just saying that the 737 is fine and can wait the rework of A330 and the A340


The A340 is the least of our problems. The A330 might have demand for a rework for transcontinental flights, but the 737 is a very domestic jet. A rework would be lovely for the 737, as many people fly it, with me included.


The 737 is fine for now. What needs to be reworked are the following:

(CRJ has been announced)


This relates to one airline


I would prefer to have the 737 first, at least the cockpit, cause it’s so unreal, the one we had before was way better than the current one. I’m not saying that those don’t need a rework, they do, but at least the 737 cockpit should change.


Like cockpit lights hey? and the screens are bright at night


Yeah, but look at the displays! They’re on an incorrect position, I know that IRL it can be changed to that configuration, but come on, that lowers the quality of it, also look at the yoke it’s waaaay big, look at the real one here:


I think we should rework others planes in IF before adding others. Also, if they are going to add a plane, it should be different than just the normal passenger jets.


Just going to bump this! The 737 is getting kind of old, especially the cockpit! It could use some new liverys too! cough Qantas cough. Of course other planes need a rework before this but this should be soon!