Boeing 737 Rework


Yeah the physics and the graphics are pretty good on the B737.


I love the 737 and wish the cockpit would be touched up a bit or even done to the level of quality as the 787/a320. It’s my fave aircraft so I can’t wait!


Especially as it’s one of or the most used plane in the world…


I wish from Santa claus more with the new Cockpits and Physik Boeing 737 liveries. 🎅🏼🎁🚪🙂


The only thing that could be added is autoland. I manually land 90%+ of the time, but it’d be nice to have it as an option on the 737-800 & 737-900, especially for when global comes out; since I’ll be landing in new airports. It’d also be great for low visibility 😉


I waould love a Qantas and vigin Australia liverys on this plane


Needed. With more liveries and the 737-600 (to complete the NG series) 😉


The 737 could use a little reworking with flight controls. When landing it seems you slam on the ground.


Has it always been like that? Every time I try landing the 737-800 I do everything fine but the landing is never smooth


Auto land and a few more liveries such as Qantas, Kenya Airways and Ethiopian would be cool


New cockpit like the dash 8 detail and wingflex?


If they reworked this it would easily by my favorite airliner in the sim


Can they not use the same coding for wing flex for the 737 and 777


I must say a cockpit refresh, few more liveries, realistic & detailed spoilers and some wing flex would make it perfect :)

Especially the Qantas & Virg livery


And maybe even Tigerair Australia? 😉


I completely agree with you! I know for sure Delta’s 737-800 have autoland. I personally talked to a Captain & First Officer on one of my flights. The only thing really needed to ‘rework’ is to add auto land. I’d only use it for low visibility. Hopefully this will be added sometime. 🙏


True that friend. I spoke to a Kenya Airways 737-700 captain and he told me that it has autoland capabilities(very useful in low visibility landings)


Can’t believe possibly the most used/popular commercial airliner’ s cockpit is at the quality it is?
Cockpit lighting + HD textures + Wing flex needs to be added.[quote=“Hunter_Reynolds, post:1, topic:23648, full:true”]
I think the 737 could use some new updated graphics.


I could not agree more !


Lol there was a time when the 737 had the best cockpit in the sim. Lets be glad for what we have. Improvements will come in due time :)