Boeing 737 Rework


I have to disagree with you on that. The 737 is the smoothest plane I have ever flown … besides the a320.


Yes team MD11


Are you serious? Even with trim set high and the weight at nearly minimum, it lifts off the ground like a turd. When i’m landing it just decides to drop like a deadweight and forces me to apply full power and crank up the trim. I absolutely hate flying the -800. The A320 handles so much better.


Really? I think it’s by far the best plane in IF. I wonder why it does that to you. 🤔


Maybe maybe personally I don’t think its one of the worse aircraft the A330 needs a lot of love


very articulate language lol


That is actually realistic for the 737, and if you think the 800 lifts off the ground “like a turd” the 900ER is considerably worse as it has the same engines powering a larger plane.


Yeah. The -900ER is also a pain.


I don’t think that anybody understands. If the 737 Family gets reworked, it will DEFINITELY be better than the A320 Family AND Dash 8 updates. The 737 is such an amazing aircraft, but with the graphics and liveries that we have now, I don’t see it’s full potential just yet.

The entire 737 family has SO many liveries, and it’s the perfect aircraft for medium haul flights, and will be fun to fly to all those destinations when Global Flight comes out.

We need this rework!


I would like a 737 rework. New cockpit (3D objects, Lights, High Quality) and also Cabin lights and Autoland.


I think it’s fine now


Most of that is incorporated on the 737-BBJ.


Only Autoland.


the old Greyish was much better


Guys the aircrafts will be reworked someday. Just be patient!
Do be satisfied with that you have!


The 737 seems quite good to me. I fly it regularly and enjoy doing so. It would be nice to have autoland just in case of low vis, but otherwise it seems to fly quite well. I would have thought there were other older aircraft in the queue ahead which need reworking first.


The 737 would be a great aircraft to have reworked! Imagine a reworked cockpit with lighting! Now that would be amazing! I hope to see a rework for the 737 in the future for sure!


and some liverys list
Air Berlin
KLM new livery
Nok air
egypt air
tui nordic


A 733 and a 735 would be nice to have aswell.


I agree but when A330 to A380 gets reworked first 😉