Boeing 737 Rework


Exactly. What @Audifacy_Davis_ said is absolutely wrong. The flare depends on the aircraft, most planes are flared between 10ft and 50ft. Airbuses even have a system which slightly pitches the aircraft down so the pilots must flare to counteract.


@laurens that doesnt work for a cross wind immediately after touchdown the plane wile go off the runway into the wind someone gave me that advice and i tried it @sturmovik try that offline


@Alex_Beder thats what i was actually trying to say


Reducing the throttle gradually, starting at 100ft, then at 50ft and idle at 10ft, while flaring at a bit more at 30ft solves the problem of the ground effect.
Can you confirm @Laurens? After all, you´re a pilot.


No no no, you must maintain you’re Vapp or Vref (+additives) speed.

Oh, and I’m not a real world pilot (yet) :D


Boeing 737 max let’s put this plane into infinite flight


A feature request has been made for it if you would Like to know :)


And cabin light


For me: only the lights may be reworked.


I don’t care for the MD-11 as much


All of the commercial aircrafts (besides the new airbus family) at the very least need a new cockpit.


If you want to stay on the runway, put the ailerons into the wind (if it comes from the left, yoke to the left and vice-versa…) and rudder to the opposite (if the left ailerons is up then put right rudder). You may also use less flaps.


I hope that applies for both take off and landings…thanks anyway


Hope this happens, one of my fav aircrafts and the cockpit…lets just not talk about it


Absolutely agree, maintain VAPP and do not reduce thrust once you pass 100ft AGL.

I can speak from a fair bit of experience on 737-800 fixed base simulators that you don’t begin retarding the throttles until you are less than 50ft, and your flare begins around 30ft or a little less. The flare movement on a 737 is not very big at all. In comparison for a 747-400 you really need to initiate the flare at 50ft as the flare is much more pronounced.


I just want to have a reworked 777-300ER… We already have so much 737’s


I think the devs are now busy with the new plane (dash) and maybe a new region


I hope Spain region :)


Would love to see this happen, the cockpit for some reason makes me feel ewww.


They could use some freaking updated flying abilities. I can’t even use a 737 successfully. The -800 just won’t fly smoothly or land nicely for me.