Boeing 737 Rework


That’s interesting to hear. Are there some stats somewhere on which aircraft are flown more/less?


I fly the 737 far more than A320. Its one of my favorite aircraft, and it’s way more accurate than other aircraft like the E-Jets, F/A-18 and the old CRJ. In my opinion it doesn’t need a full from the ground rework, just tweaked physics an animation updates


Yes, the 737 is my most used aircraft. I think a minor update like the update for the A320 is needed for it. It really flies great and is one of the most stable aircraft I have ever landed.


How accurate are the 737 physics?


Well when I land It basically just glides in and when I take off it goes up normally. In the past the A320 family would have me suddenly jerk up for a second when taking off which I didn’t really think was accurate but its landing was stable so I couldn’t complain.


Yes I can

Over the past 30 days, the CRJ-700 was the most flown, A320 was 2nd and 773 was 3rd.
If we remove the release hype, taking only for the past 7 days, the CRJ-700 is 2nd, behind the A320.

These stats are 4 days old so I can presume the CRJ-900 is at the top right now

‘We use the community but we look at what they do more than what they ask. And we’re going by order of popularity. That seems like the clearest way to prioritize the airplane reworks while also factoring in the fact that some are old.’ - Laura


Would also be nice for them to add the WestJet livery to the 737-800


If they do the rework, it would bring the 737 up there with the others. Also curious, is your data from Laura too or just the quote? Where did you get your data


Thats only because those planes are new and reworked. Of course everybody is flying them. Personally I think when the 737 gets a fresh rework with splits and wing flex, it will probably be more popular than the A320. Especially if FDS adds as many liveries as the A320 family. I think we should look at data in a few months after there hasn’t been any releases lately.


This is needed! Hope this wil get as good like the A320 one day!


I do not think that updating the 737 NG family is super important to rework, but maybe adding some classic 737 aircraft (737-100 or 737-200) would be cool. Or maybe adding a MAX 10.


Well they would rework the 737 before adding more


A 737 rework would be great it should be just like the A320 rework!


I agree, don’t need a fully blown rework from the ground up with cabin ect… just a touch up and I would be over the moon! Obviously I would also like the full rework but I’d settle for just a touch up.


It would be cool tho if they added the new winglets and an interior camera


The max 10 would be so cool


I don’t really think that the 737 family needs a touch up or rework. Even though it would be nice I don’t think it’s a priority right now but it would still be nice if they could


I think if just wing flex, cabin lights (at night) & autoland. I’d be extremely happy just to get the wing flex & cabin lights only. (I voted for this)

This should basically be done next; because the Airbus 318/319/320&321 was reworked.


I agree with you on that one


Don’t forget the ground effect!!