Boeing 737 Rework


Hi All,

With what the CRJ has come out to be with all its high quality i think in the near future the 737 family shouldbe brought up to standards with that. The 737 Family is used so much in IF by so many people and it would be amazing to get it to the CRJ Standards that the devs want across all planes. Just imagine, a cabin with mood lighting, wing flew, more liveries and a HD cockpit. Wow! It would be amazing to have especially that the plane is used so much!


Just one more thing to add with your stuf. Better FPS in the cockpit:)


I’ve never experienced lag in cockpit before. Must just be your device.


Also to add, it would be awesome to get these

That would be one awesome animation to have with opening doors!


I honestly think they should rework the B737s soon. Maybe even add the B737 max 7, 8, 9, 10


I agree! That would be so so so cool with the split winglets and the new engines! Wow it would be amazing!


I’m talking about the CRJ:)


I know, right? It would look cool


Oh still, my FPS is fine in the CRJ cockpit. May have to reduce settings for it to work better.


I have it all on high, and I love it:)
But yah, I might have to do that:(


whoop! 150 votes, this feature request is really getting up there!


This is needed especially the cockpit needs to be reworked!


Maybe the 737 re-work can have wing flex included and maybe split winglets


We got a a320 re-work but not a 737 re work?!?


Yes in the future I would love to see an updated 737 but many other planes are priority


Well, the 737 needs a full from the ground up rework which the devs don’t have time for and will take time to do. Whilst the A320 being a newer plane only had to be tweaked to get it to be ‘reworked’. This is my understanding of it anyway. I’m sure the 737 rework will come in time.


Because the 737 isn’t as flown as much as the A320. FDS works on how much people fly an aircraft, if people don’t fly it it clearly not liked enough to need a rework


I don’t think thats quite the reason, I think both planes are flown probably equally.


Yeah I agree with you on that one


Perhaps the reason the 737 is not flown as frequently as the A320 is because the 737 is not of the same updated quality as the A320 family. I would like to fly the 737, 757, and 767; however, I choose not to do so because I do not have the same “realistic” experience flying those planes as I would the A320, 787, MD-11, DC-10, CRJ, etc. I’m sure the above mentioned planes will be updated accordingly at some point in the near future. In the meantime, there are plenty of “realistic” and updated planes to choose from.