Boeing 737 Rework


Yes that livery has been out!😍


Now I’m just waiting on Virgin Australia and Air Europa


I’m happy to see more Australian liveries and I’ll also support Air Europa if it has new livery.🤗


Has Virgin Australia been considered?


I know there’s a topic on it, but idk if the devs have considered it yet


They have updated the engine blade texture for the 737 with the new update. First it was just a grey disk, now the engine blades have a much darker color and improved detail.


If they aren’t going to re-work the B737, then they could at least add the newer Max versions of them


Nahhh dude i dont think so


Patience is key. 737 rework would be coming in the future, but right now the developers have a lot on their hands right now.

Wait till a mod sees this and they can reply with their classic phrase:

“This is why we can’t have good things.” XD
Or “The more you keep urging it, the longer it takes to accept this feature.”


with its so nice strobes yes !!!


I still do not know why in IF the strobes have double flicker when they really have 1…


Boeing has one and airbus has two.


I’m confused: what’s wrong with the 737 cockpit In infinite flight? It looks very similar to the the 737 NG series cockpit.


I think the do want higher texture quality. Maybe even a better 3D model as well.


I agree that it’s not the same quality texture wise as say the 787 cockpit. Mb they’ll get it there in future with a rework.

I do know we have several aircraft with no 3D cockpit or inferior 3D cockpit graphics (ex: 757 & 767) that really need a rework


Exactly and in my opinion the 757/767 does need a rework way more than the 737.

Ithose are totals outdated. (Physics, 3D model, texture quality, features,…)


Yes, that’s what I mean, I do not know why it has the double airbus flicker.


You love strobes xD !!!


We need rework 757/767 first, 737 is still ok, but 757/767 is physics


I agree but what mostly should get some time put into it is the cockpit which is pretty ugly.