Blue atmosphere issue


Same issue in solo in the CRJ-200.

iPad Pro 9.7“, iOS 11.4
Everything on high, anti aliasing on, limited framerate off


Also experiencing the same issue on the iPhone 6s


Had this problem when I spawned in the first time after the update.

Device: Note 8
OS: Android 8.0.0
Graphics: All high
Anti aliasing: On
Aircraft count: Low
Mode: Live
Server: Expert
IF version: Latest
Aircraft: B787-8
Airport: SKBO
Rooted: No
Resolved: Ended flight, went to main menu and selected settings, cleared imagery cache (long delay, about 30-40 seconds), closed app and cleared from running in the background. Restarted and issue was resolved.


When clearing the cache, please make sure you are selecting YES instead of the orange highlighted NO. The eyes are drawn to the highlighted button which results in you thinking it was cleared when in reality it was not.

Not sure if it will help but something to be mindful of.


Had this issue, Huawei P20 Pro, high settings.


I fixed this problem by clearing the cache while on the menu screen. Spawned up again and it was gone.


Also I have received this issue at CYXY
looks cool tho, like snow
-All graphics set to high, anti aliasing on, limit frame rate off
-Just restarted my flight and it was fixed
-Clear weather and skies. No wind or turbulence. Temperature was set to 15 c


Please follow Seb’s detailed instructions. You stating that you have this issue provides no useful information to figure out what the underlying issue is. Thanks.


same here, after update had the blue scenery, exited flight, cleared cache, reloaded a flight and seems fine now.


Hey all
I am on an Ipad 4
My graphics are set at Medium
I’m on live
Currently in the CRJ-1000
I am at Morlaix – Ploujean Airport (LFRU)
METAR Wise - I did not get that information

Here’s a picture

Here’s my graphic setting

I cleared the cachie and resetted my device.


iPhone SE
Graphics on High
Clear Cache (worked)
Delta 737-900
MKE airport
Winds 8kts at 250, visibility and everything good


This has happened to me at San Diego so it’s not just a single airport.


Same issue here.
iPad Pro 12.9
IOS: 11.4
IF: 18.4
Graphics: all on Highest settings
Aircraft: all
Happens on Live and solo
Clear cache: yes, worked then exited flight to pick different aircraft and went back to Blue screen.



I had the same issue, here’s how I fixed it:

  1. Clear Scenery Cache; if that doesn’t work:
  2. Restart the App; if that doesn’t work:
  3. Start a Solo flight; if that doesn’t work:
  4. Restart your device; if that doesn’t work:
  5. Re-install IF.


Deleting and Reinstalling the app will resolve all this issue with the blue sky and don’t forget to clear the cache. Happy flying .
I had the same issue with my iPad Pro it working fine right now with all full high graphics.
Happy landing .


I deleted the app and reinstalled the app and still having the issue. Cleared Cache as well.


Device: iPhone 8+
Graphic Settings: High
Steps To Resolve: Clearing Cache & Restarting App
Gamemode: Live
Aircraft: CRJ-200
Weather: Low Visibility (Fog)


I have the same Problem in eddt with iPhone X 11.4.1 and other problems.Uploading…


iPad Air 2
iOS 11.4
all airports
all aircraft
cache cleared

nothing happened
every things still blue

re-installed app… nothing…still blue

edit 2:

  • closed app.
  • started solo -> scenery ok in KSFO
  • closed flight
  • opened live in KSFO -> scenery ok

funny :)


CRJ-200 and 1000
Fell through floor when I spawned.
EGGP (Liverpool)
Graphics low and anti-aliasing off
iPad mini 2
Cleared scenery cache issue and changed to EGLL issue solved