Blue atmosphere issue


I don’t know but my map doesn’t look normal at EDDFScreenshot_20180809-174027


this was at KLAX


Spawned with a 777-200LR at KATL, blue ground happened, when I despawned and respawned it was all back to normal.


We’re working on determining the cause of this.

Sorry for the inconvenience!


Just FYI it also is happening at kmkg
IPad air
Graphics high
Anti aliasing off
Crj 200
Happened only at certain airports


For those of you experiencing it, we would like to know the following things:

  • Device
  • Graphics settings (screenshots are fine)
  • What steps have you already taken to resolve the issue?
  • Live or Solo?
  • Which aircraft were you in
  • Which airport did this occur on?
  • What was the weather like at the airport you experienced this? (METAR for example)


Hapened to me at Atlantic City, but I wa sin solo. In love I don’t seem to have this problem. However I’m not at Atlantic City in my live flight.


After the recent update, I noticed the scenery is really messed up. Everything is blue and shadowy, and there weren’t even taxiways or runways. I tried turning the time to night, and everything was perfectly fine. Any suggestions?image image

  • Device - iPhone X
  • Graphics - Quality and resolution both high, anti-aliasing is on and limit frame rate is on
  • I have tried reinstalling the app and restarting my device numerous times
  • Live AND solo
  • CRJ200 - I tried other planes but they didn’t have the issue
  • Multiple airports including MMUN, LEMD, EGKK and EIDW
  • When on solo I changed the weather a lot including temperature and time of day. There was no change

If you need any more assistance I would be happy to help! :)

  • Samsung Note 8
  • Graphics settings Everything Max, Anti-Alising on
  • Cleared the cache, seemed to fix it
  • Live
  • MD-11F
  • KPHL
  • 330@06knts 10sm


Same probleme in KLAX


Please reply with this information, just getting an airport doesn’t really help :)


Can I just say, that after about 20 reports, this is a pretty consistent issue. I found this reoccurring on several devices i either own or have access to; Sony Xperia z3, Z5, xa1, wileyfox swift 2x, iPhone 6, iPhone se, Motorola G5, Google Pixel 1xl and 2xl, Google Pixel C.
Forgive me if I’m wrong, but do we need each single member to say they’re having the same issue?
It’s not a device specific issue, so suggesting things like clearing cache and clearing ram are most likely not going to work.


We want to narrow it down.
But yes, besides answering the questions i stated above. No other posts are required.

  • Device: iPad Pro 9.7-inch
  • Graphics settings: everything on high
  • Troubleshooting steps taken: restarting IF and the device, cleared senary cache and it seemed to be fixed for the time being
  • Mode: live; I tried it on solo mode and it was fine there
  • Aircraft: CRJ-200 with Northwest Airline livery
  • Airport: KTUS
  • Weather (METAR): KTUS 091653Z VRB03KT 10SM CLR 28/18 A3011


Samsung note 5


I have not taken any steps yet



Weather all 0/off as i was testing the new planes


I think this whole problem has to do with the servers. Just like how Global was released. There are so many players that the servers overload.


@schyllberg i have a samsung s8 high graphics i had this problem with only the 2 new aircraft the crjs and i fixed it by respawning and it was gone that was in solo but now im in online and its fine


No, this happens to nearly all of the airports on my device.


Happened time at KACH, restarted the flight and hasn’t happened since