Best Infinite Flight Videos [Official Thread]

Official Thread for Community Videos

Please use this thread to post all videos created by yourselves. Videos must be of the Infinite Flight simulator only, and must not be purely a promotion of a Youtube channel with little Infinite Flight material. We have a lot of good video editors here so enjoy this thread and show off your best work!

To post a video, simply copy the link from Youtube, paste it, and it will embed itself automatically. You can not upload videos of the forum itself. As with all threads, please keep videos clean and refrain from explicit language as best as possible. You can find a link to the official Infinite Flight YouTube channel below.

To post your best Infinite Flight photos, please follow this link: Best Infinite Flight Photos [Official Thread]

Best Infinite Flight Photos [Official Thread]
Best Infinite Flight Photos [Official Thread]
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Best Infinite Flight Photos [Official Thread]
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Infinite Flight - 4K LAX Plane Spotting - In-N-Out, Taxiway, Westchester Parkway (HD) Noon Rush Hour

Credit to all the hard work: JNG Aviation


Here’s my current Movies. Have a look!


3 Engines

Enjoy! More are on the way.


May we link videos we have posted on Instagram? (That are Infinite Flight ofc)


Yea I like JNG’s stuff


3 Engines is absolutely stunning. Keep it up man.


My favorite:

Created by me.


Probably the video I’m most proud of (also my latest)


Really well put together. Some amazing shots in there. Absolutely amazing work!


Here’s a video I posted a few days ago. Don’t pay attention to the vs or the airspeed, they’re both glitched in the replay. There are also a few cuts, and that’s not because I crashed, but rather because my friend wouldn’t stop bugging me with his Instagram post. I would appreciate feedback!


Our latest and greatest…

You’re the reason we fly…


I recently made an Infinite Flight Movie, it is dedicated to those who lost their lives in the Darwin bombings in WWII.

You can watch it here:


Made another timelapse (last one was pretty popular)


I haven’t been active on Live or the Forum because of filmmaking. Here’s what I’m working on. This is the thumbnail for the future movie.


Hey guys go check out my channel. I am working very hard on it and movies and videos will be coming a lot so stay tuned for that if you like flight vlogs and all that good stuff! If you want to check my channel out go to


Plane & Pilot Aerobatics Competition recap video:

Featuring routines from @Captain_Zen, @0n1p0rg3, @HawaiiPilot10, @Gavrilo, @BrunoHeinsAAT, and @WardellStephenCurry.


Thank you very much will watch it straight away!


Where did I appear? Lol, great video


Thanks! Fast forward to 8:13 to see yourself.


Thanks for the opportunity! Maybe we can hold another competition somewhere unique again