Best Infinite Flight Photos [Official Thread]


From the sublime to the ridiculous !!!


Beautiful picture @Wyn2x. It looks really real.


T7 Morning arrivals at Paris CDG after a long haul, American Airlines(me) coming from KIAH, and Air France (Sky Team Livery with @Jonas_Sundt-Bjordal (i guess lol) ) from SBGR.


Thank you @Captain_Awerty🙏🏼🙏🏼


Beautiful approach into Samedan, Switzerland (LSZS). The mountainous region is challenging but one of the most magnificent regions around the Globe.



Which way is this 787-10 departing?

  • Away from you
  • Towards you

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The correct answer was Away from you! The 787-10 was departing from Houston on 15R.


Hey, yeah I came all the way from São Paulo, Brazil. I saw your landing, very smooth :D
This was actually my 1,000 hour flight :) See you soon.


Lol that’s very true my bad!!


Oh my God!

I first saw the 787-10 departing away from me. Now I can see it coming toward me as well!

Creepy illusion! Nice photo btw!


True, almost impossible to believe that is infinite flight !!!


Delta 1418 - KCVG to KATL

At the gate before pushback.

@William_Chin captured this stunning shot of my landing into KATL.

Both shots are completely unedited…


A lot of great photos from multiple flights🛩



I don’t know if this counts, but I took a 787 pic and you know what I did to it 😏
(What have I done with my life, I’m only fueling the fire)


A350!!! Awesome!!! 😃😃😃😃


A320 Landing in a rainy day


Photoshop of my previous post


A Swiss MD11 taking off out of Geneva

My Austrian Dash at Innsbruck

  @Starley you definitely took a great photo....I can’t looking into the horizon’s clouds.