Best Infinite Flight Photos [Official Thread]



Departing out of Roland Garros Airport

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Off to Iceland


See the GTA reference


I use an app on the Apple App Store called Huji


Descending into Memphis with low visibility

Alaska is beautiful !!

Descending into Anchorage.


What does this look like? (No photoshop done.)

  • Front of an A300/A310/A330/A340
  • Front of an A318/A319/A320/A321

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And yes I did mean to put every aircraft that has that type of front.


Look at that huge difference between old and new CRJ-200


Takeoff! ✈️


That looks nice good job


lol that was not a landing in the center


Some busy EGLL shots(I took all these in a minute!)


How does this not have more likes?!?


Alaska Airlines 🗻




Lufthansa 194, turn left heading 010


I never said it was good haha


Descending into zero-visibility

(Click for full quality)


Yesterday I was with a friend from IFFI(Infinite Flight Fan Indonesia) members🇮🇩. Doing a flight from Jakarta to Bangkok. As usual playing on the training server. Thank you for wanting to fly with us. And thanks for the flight and see you next flight✈🙏😀😉

🇮🇩✈~IFFI - Infinite Flight Fan Indonesia~🇮🇩✈
✈Thai Airways, Emirates Cargo and Batik Air✈
✈B772, B788, B744, B77F, A320✈
✈Training Server✈
🛫🇮🇩Jakarta (WIII/CGK) to Bangkok (VTBS/BKK)🛬🇹🇭
✈About 3 hours 5 minutes


Successful approach into VQPR with 777-300 but it was a white knuckle landing!!